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Article: SQUIRTING- Beginner's Guide To Female Ejaculation

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SQUIRTING- Beginner's Guide To Female Ejaculation

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There is no other phenomenon in sex as shrouded in mystery as female ejaculation. The porn industry has elevated squirting into something that may seem as a standard practice that all women can perform on command. (By the way, most squirting you see in porn is actually actors peeing!)

For most women who have experienced it, squirting is the most incredible experience as it results in a total relaxation of the body.

Women (and men) are a bit conflicted about squirting and rarely talk about it.

Additionally, we discovered that our other toys, especially those with a bulby head, have also been instrumental in helping our customers achieve their first squirting experiences.


The female ejaculate liquid is produced in the female prostate (this s your G-spot) and expelled from the urethra.  For this reason, it is mistakenly believed that the fluid released during female ejaculation is urine. Every woman has the ability to squirt, but  can take a while to become completely comfortable with this process.

The amount of squirt varies from woman to woman, anywhere from a teaspoon to half a cup of liquid. Some women expel the liquid like a fountain while others have it dribble or leak out of them. This is often why women may be squirting without realizing!

FEMALE EJACULATE IS NOT PEE -  Female ejaculate is excreted through the urethra, but the ejaculate fluids are similar to a man’s. Without sperm. The ejaculate fluid is clear, non-sticky, watery, odourless and might taste sweet or salty. Because it passes through the urethra, it can sometimes have traces of urine.  What we see in porn are women intentionally squirting copious amounts of urine to put on a show, not ejaculating. While it might be possible, don't expect to be hitting the wall. More often than not, squirting is more subtle than that.  It can come in large amounts, but it would take some heavy lifting to achieve the results you see in adult movies. What most women experience is more of gushing and leaking.

SQUIRTING IS NOT ALWAYS ORGASM  - The top squirting myth is that it’s always accompanied by orgasm. While they often may happen at the same time, female ejaculation and orgasm  don't always come at the same time. You can squirt without any orgasmic release OR you can experience a squirting orgasm.

Sometimes I will squirt before reaching an orgasm. Often it happens while coming, sometimes I will squirt after I climax, if the stimulation continues. For some women it is easier to squirt after they have already climaxed a few times and allowed for the pressure to build up.  And just as we are capable of multiple orgasms, we can have multiple ejaculations as well.




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FIRST THINGS FIRST- familiarize yourself with your pleasure anatomy. Find where your g-spot, also known as the female prostate, and engage it through regular touch. This guide is designed to assist you in finding and sensitizing this sensitive area for enhanced pleasure. This is the absolute key if you want to experience squirting.

  1. Prepare your space: While squirting is extremely pleasurable and may accompany the most intense orgasms, it is undoubtedly messy.  Use some towels placed over your bed. If you're trying this with  your partner, make sure they are prepared for the extra wetness on the bed or their clothes. You definitely want to be doing this with a patient and supportive partner. Make sure you you have plenty of time, no distractions and enough privacy.

  2. Do use the bathroom beforehand to empty your bladder: That will help you eliminate some of the worries that you might accidentally release urine.

  3. Solo Practice or the Right Partner: Begin by exploring squirting on your own or with a trusted partner who shares your desire to explore sexuality. It's essential to have a patient and supportive partner who values your pleasure. Remember that not all partners may be enthusiastic about squirting, so choose someone who aligns with your desires.

  4. Relaxation is KEY: Most women tend to contract as they feel any form of pleasure coming. Some do it as a habit, after they have been told to squeeze and work those muscles to enhance their mans pleasure while having an intercourse. Learning how to relax into our body is something that ca be achieved through meditation and various relaxation techniques.

  5. Use the Right Toy! Using the right toy is crucial when it comes to facilitating the experience of squirting. However, not all toys are created equal. Silicone toys, for instance, are generally too soft and bendy to achieve the desired results. The best toys for awakening your prostate or G-spot pleasure and inducing squirting are those that are curved, hard, and feature a little bulb or lip, or a ridge that hits and hooks behind the erectile tissue that surrounds the urethral canal. This area is also known as the G-spot or female prostate (or Skene's glands), where the ejaculate is produced. Hundreds of our customers have reported experiencing their first squirting using these toys, making them the most popular choice for this purpose:

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1.Build your pleasure

Start pleasuring yourself.  You will want to slow things down, and not rush it. With squirting, relaxation and taking enough time are key. Give yourself sufficient time to build things up slowly. Feel free to use any added sexiness - erotic movies, stories, music, fantasies.
If you always relied on stimulating your clitoris when self pleasuring, do so. Remember, you are allowed to do whatever it takes to get super aroused. Use natural lubricants such as coconut  oil,  if you need extra lubrication. I personally love Wylde One botanical lube. It is organic, contains no nasties and will not leave your vagina irritated.

2. Find your G-spot

It definitely helps if you have previously located your G-spot and know how to stimulate it.  If not, it would be the time  to do so now. You will find the instructions how to find and see your G-spot in 5 minutes in this guideYoni massage  can help awaken and gain more awareness of your G-spot.

Some women can ejaculate by stimulating other erogenous zones, but stimulating the G-spot is usually the the most direct way to produce squirting as it is where the fluid is produced and originates from. The extra pressure on the G-spot area can help not only with the fluid build up, but also with releasing it.

How do you locate your G-spot? This guide will help.

Best toys for squirting are polished smooth for effortless glide in & out, made from a hard material for firm pressing into the G-spot and are extra curved so you can press into the G-spot without straining yourself.

Things like silicone dildos DO NOT really work as they are too soft, especially for beginners and lack the effortless glide.

Our FAVOURITE toys that are designed to facilitate squirting orgasms: ONNA PEARL and ONNA WAVE- the female ejaculation wand.




Many of our customers have reported they were able to squirt for the first time using these Onna toys!!! YAY! 

You want to work with  consistent rhythmic movements, sliding the toy in and out while pressing the top part against your G-spot (against your underbelly from the inside). You can also press your fingers on the outside, across your pubic mound (where the hair grows) when the toy is inside of you - as if you are pressing the G-spot ONTO the toy from the outside.

You can tap against the swollen G-spot, glide over it with the bulby head of the toy side to side like a windshield, or apply firm pressure against the tail of the G-spot. Learn the anatomy of the G-spot in our G-spot bundle.

3. Recognising your ejaculation build up cues

When  having their G-spot stimulated, a lot of women clench and contract because they start feeling a little funny, like they need to pee. Which, most of the time has nothing to do with pee at all, and the funny feeling is the ejaculation liquid building up. Embrace and welcome this sensation.

I am sure you know that feeling when you are having sex and  back off in the middle of it to run to the bathroom. You may also feel an emotional build, like you want to cry from an overwhelm of emotions. That is totally normal as well.

Trust me, do not stop nor run away!
You want to do the exact opposite and literally go with the flow.

Clenching your pelvic muscles will only stop the ejaculation fluid from gushing out.  Don't worry you will let out pee. If you ever tried to pee in a highly aroused state, you know it is not that easy. It might take some time to retrain your  brain to realise the difference between the two sensations- wanting to pee and ejaculation fluid building up.

You might also hear a wet, swishy sound (like walking in wet shoes) as the pressure increases. This is your sign that you are about to squirt.

We love this bundle for G-spot & Vaginal Awareness!
Yoni Mapping, G-spot and the Female Pleasure Anatomy

4. Letting go

Once you start feeling like you have the urge to pee, take slow deep breaths into your belly, relax your pelvic muscles and as the pressure starts increasing, bear down and push outward. You might start gushing before you climax, which is perfectly fine. Just keep stimulating your G-spot and clitoris. Squirting can come in a few different waves varying in intensity and amounts. It may just be a teaspoon/tablespoon of ejaculate fluid.

Ejaculation may often be accompanied with an emotional release - feelings of overwhelm, joy, relaxation and even fear. These are all perfectly normal reactions. Allow yourself to feel. Do not block your emotions. Very often, once you let go and FEEL, the physical release comes right after the emotional.

5. Practice

If you don't ejaculate the first time around, and  you probably won't,  it's perfectly ok. Keep experimenting with different pace and pressure on your G-spot. Most importantly - remember that this is not a race.


Like anything with sex, and life really, if you want it too badly, you might unconsciously block it from happening. Your goal  is to have fun, enjoying the journey  and learning what works for your body.

Your homework is to SELF-PLEASURE and play!

Happy playing!

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"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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