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Female pleasure potential is limitless. Onna was created with intention to inspire women to explore their eroticism and connect to their sensuality through mindful and sensual experiences and practices with or without our pleasure wands.  We encourage women to gift themselves permission to indulge, pamper and enjoy their bodies.     
We are your Pleasure Cheerleaders!
All women deserve a luscious life, however, some luxuries are understated. Sometimes, it is the most simple things that we hold closest to our hearts. Combining the art of beautiful living and intimate products of highest quality, Onna holds space for freedom of erotic expression and self-care. Each unique piece is masterfully crafted for pleasure, carefully chosen to compliment a woman’s femininity and grace. We work exclusively with natural materials, as the earth intended.

We are on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time - connecting heart, body and mind.

Always in the mood for love



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