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crystal pleasure wands


obsidian pleasure wand


toys for conscious lovers

products for conscious lovers who wish to connect to their true erotic essence

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thoughtfully and intentionally crafted to awaken and heighten your sensitivity and pleasure potential


Intimacy and pleasure education for people who want more sexual fulfillment, deeper intimacy and truly ecstatic experiences

Highest quality body-safe glass pleasure wands designed to provide maximum pleasure

Awaken your pleasure potential

I finally purchased my beautiful Allure Pearl for my 40th birthday. Wow...I am in love. I can’t believe that I haven’t experienced orgasms like this untill now. With so much thanks to your Monday newsletters and in depth information on Instagram I am finally learning to understand my own body and quite frankly I think she’s bloody wonderful ❤️ Thank you isn’t enough really, you’ve given me something I didn’t realise was missing. 🙏🏻

- Melissa

pleasure wands reviews
pleasure wands reviews
pleasure wands reviews
pleasure wands reviews


"I am the PROUD owner of a Moon Wave and I could not be happier with it. The shape and smoothness of the toy is such a pleasure to my touch and has been really powerful in conditioning for subtle sensation. The weight of the toy was surprising as I”ve never had something like it before, and I’m finding that I much prefer it over any toy I’ve ever had. The way it’s designed is really easy to use and I can already tell a difference with my own embodiment in my vulva. I highly recommend to all my followers and clients."

Dr. Cat Meyer, LMFT Sex Therapy, Yoga, Retreats, LMFT


"Day one.... and blown away. I received the wave in the mail today... and the first time I explored with her. I experienced squirting for the first time ever!!! And after a couple hours I wanted to explore more... and I just had the most earth shattering full body expansive orgasm ever... I never knew that I could experience myself in this many ways. Day one... and I’ve already been opened to such a deep dynamic bodily awareness, I can’t wait to build a deeper connection. A million percent recommend."

- Kaorin Marie


"Onna pleasure toys are designed as a tool to support women to open their body to pleasure and to experience orgasms internally, as they would with a partner. Gemstones are sensual, multi-functional, close to nature and far superior material than most sex toys on the market these days. Women are worthy of nothing less than sensuality expressed as ART. I wouldn't buy my woman a silicone dildo. When I first saw an Onna toy, my immediate thought was "I would absolutely buy that for a woman that I love".

- Andrew Barnes, worlds leading expert in Sexuality & Relationships


"The Raven Wave pushed all my pleasure buttons and blew my mind. This is my first gemstone toy and I am hooked. The Raven Wave has the perfect curve to stimulate your G-spot and massage your cervix at the same time. It is deliciously sexy and my favorite addition to my self pleasure practice."

- Lauren Blundell, Relationship & Intimacy Coach


I have been using my Nude Curve for de-armouring more regularly recently, releasing soo much emotional and traumatic stuff from my womb, hips and lower back. Have been using it during my period too, some months I have tremendous pain the first day, but with this baby I can gently melt it
away! THANK YOU for making it possible to become my very own healer AND the most amazing lover ever!

- M

pleasure wands design
glass butt plug
Onna raven pearl black obsidian g-spot toy

choose the best pleasure wand for you

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Conversation & education: sex, love and relationships

transcendental sex

From Passion to Sacred: Techniques for Mind-Blowing Sensual Intimacy

Welcome to a realm where the sacred intertwines with the sensual, where intimacy becomes an act of transcendence. Yes, we are talking about sex. Are you ready to embark on a journey that transcends...

female orgasms

Why going vibrator-free can unlock deeper pleasure and orgasms

In the realm of sexual exploration, vibrators have long held a revered status, often hailed as indispensable tools for enhancing pleasure and achieving orgasm. Society often promotes the idea that...

6 tantric pleasurehacks to get out of your head, and into your body

6 tantric pleasurehacks to get out of your head, and into your body

How can tantra help expand your pleasure? First off, what even is tantra, you might ask. In essence, tantra is about using sound, movement, breath and visualization in synchronicity to move through...

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pleasure education


Get all our pleasure school material in one bundle and save 60%! Includes:

  • Female pleasure anatomy 101
  • The ultimate blowjob guide
  • Pelvic mapping and de-armouring webinar
  • G-spot and internal orgasm practices
  • and more


internal orgasms guide


  • Become more orgasmic and experience internal orgasms.
  • Learn your pleasure anatomy and awaken deeper levels of infinite pleasure.
  • Open your body to deeper internal sensitivity and more fulfilling intimate experiences.
  • Explore and release internal numbness and tension you want to cultivate a deeper understanding of your pleasure zones.
  • Create a deeply embodied level of self-care and self-nurturing
  • Locate and learn how to awaken the sensation your G-spot


blowjob tips and guide


  • Detailed anatomy of the penis pleasure spots.
  • Easy to understand anatomy illustrations of the penis.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to give a blowjob on a penis.
  • Pro techniques designed to give your partner maximum pleasure.
  • Extra tips to drive your partner wild.
  • Rimming and prostate massage bonus guides.


Pleasure Toys for Women

ONNA designer pleasure wands and intimate products are designed to help you explore the limitless potential of your sensuality and pleasure. Onna offers a wide range of of high-end intimate products, including gemstone pleasure wands, glass pleasure wands and sex toys, yoni massage wands, G-spot pleasure wands, butt plugs, prostate massagers, sensual accessories & lingerie, body-friendly organic botanical lubricants, sensual body care products, scented soy wax candles, and other products that will allow you to pamper yourself, explore and indulge your senses and create sensual and intimate moments both solo and with a partner.

the art of slow pleasure- created to awaken your senses

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