I am the PROUD owner of a Moon Wave and I could not be happier with it. The shape and smoothness of the toy is such a pleasure to my touch and has been really powerful in conditioning for subtle sensation. The weight of the toy was surprising as I”ve never had something like it before, and I’m finding that I much prefer it over any toy I’ve ever had. The way it’s designed is really easy to use and I can already tell a difference with my own embodiment in my vulva. I highly recommend to all my followers and clients.

Dr. Cat Meyer, LMFT Sex Therapy, Yoga, Retreats, LMFT

The Raven pushed all my pleasure buttons and blew my mind. This is my first gemstone toy and I am hooked.
The Raven has the perfect curve to stimulate your gspot and massage your cervix at the same time. It is deliciously sexy and my favorite addition to my self pleasure practice.

Lauren Blundell, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

I decided to stem away from vibrating toys and try a slower form of pleasure, one that required me to be more attentive to my body and be present. I didn’t know if I even could climax without vibration, but decided to try.
This beauty was simply magical. The weight is perfect, the smoothness of the obsidian felt incredible. I don’t know if it is a combination of the curve, weight and texture, but I was blown away by the powerful orgasm that felt so natural.
Completely would recommend. I am a convert. (Oh, and the lush, thicker width of this toy is ohhh so good.)


I have been using my Nude Curve for de-armouring more regularly recently, releasing soo much emotional and traumatic stuff from my womb, hips and lower back. Have been using it during my period too, some months I have tremendous pain the first day, but with this baby I can gently melt it away!
THANK YOU for making it possible to become my very own healer AND the most amazing lover ever!


I never used any yoni massage toys before. Onna curve was my first one, and I was really lucky that I started the research of my sensitivity from Onna. For me it was not just yoni massage, but slow and sensitive self love ritual, that my body waiting for so long. It opens me much, and gives the opportunity to integrate self loving in my independence.

Nadia, Russia

Onna pleasure toys are designed as a tool to support women to open their body to pleasure and to experience orgasms internally, as they would with a partner. Gemstones are sensual, multi-functional, close to nature and far superior material than most sex toys on the market these days. Women are worthy of nothing less than sensuality expressed as ART. I wouldn't buy my woman a silicone dildo. When I first saw an Onna toy, my immediate thought was "I would absolutely buy that for a woman that I love".

Andrew Barnes, worlds leading expert in Sexuality & Relationships www.awakeningwithin.ngo

I perceive Onna not as toys but rather as ART: of living, pleasure, release, freedom and happiness. Once you hold it in your hand, you don’t want to let it go anymore. It has this magnet magic where you feel that Onna will gift you pleasure. It gave me not only orgasms but released emotions I never experienced before when I burst into tears, laughs, feeling that self-love I never knew before.

Julia, Amsterdam



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