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THE DROP- Stainless steel wand

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Originally designed by the NJOY brand, this stainless steel sex toy took the world by storm. Its reputation as the best G-spot toy on the market supersedes itself. Our version is smaller and a little more delicate. Still heavy and extra curved, this toy provides you with ample reach and ease of handling when self-pleasuring. Use it for vaginal massage, G-spot stimulation, and juicy penetration with the larger sphere. Perfect toy for women who have not awakened their G-spot yet or who would like to explore internal orgasms & squirting. This toy will ROCK YOUR G-SPOT & CERVIX into pure ecstasy!!!

Superior G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation

Perfect toy for men to explore their prostate. It is the skinniest of our toys and has a yummy sphere on the end to gently press into the prostate and massage inside the  anus.

      • One of the best sex toy shapes on the market for G-spot orgasms &      squirting/female ejaculation.
      • Two different sized sphere ends either for yoni massage, g-spot stimulation, prostate massage or juicy penetration. Use whichever end you like!
      • With hard steel material & curved shape you can use less pressure with your hands in order to press harder into the G-spot. It is easy to get the momentum going when using this toy. You can pleasure yourself longer without getting tired!
      • This toy is quite heavy so it feels yummy just inserting it inside.
      • Smooth polished steel toy glides in & out effortlessly without creating any friction against the vaginal/anal walls. This toy is, therefore, perfect for people who are exploring penetration or dealing with vaginal pain.
      • Perfect toy for the male prostate pleasure!
      • Use either for solo or partner play
      • Can be used either warm or cold for temperature play. Keep it in the fridge (never freezer!) for a cooler calming effect or place into hot water for 30 seconds to warm it up.
      • Easy to clean & practically impossible to break. Manufactured from Polished Stainless Steel (304 grade), this toy is 100% non porous and body safe.

      MATERIAL: Polished Stainless Steel 304

      Comes with a soft pouch.

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