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Natural gemstones, as the name implies, are products of nature. Any variations in texture, colour, veining, and pattern are natural stones. The weight of natural stones may also vary from one another. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the gemstone pleasure wands unique and beautiful.

Purchasing our products implies that you acknowledge that gemstone and glass  wands vary in pattern, texture, weight, and colours. The actual wand delivered may differ from the picture(s) shown. You also acknowledge that pieces ordered at a later date may vary in price, and there is no guarantee it will be identical to previous purchases as all our pieces are hand crafted.

The internal use of our product is under your own discretion. Onna Lifestyle is not liable and responsible for any accidents, damage, injuries, or medical bills that may occur from the use or misuse of our products.

Disclaimer: The material on this site is a collection of research from various authors and professionals in female sexual health as well as personal insight from the authors. The authors are not liable for any damage or injury. If you suffer from bodily pain, sexually transmitted diseases or have severe depression and mood swings, it is advised to consult a professional doctor before purchasing any items.



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