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ONNA Bonbon is our first butt plug design. It is designed for anyone regardless of gender, orientation, or genitalia who wishes to explore super sensual anal pleasure and sensations.


All pieces are made of borosilicate (hard glass) and annealed at specific temperatures and times to ensure the most durable and most stable glass. You can run the wand under warm or cold water for added sensation. Do not use boiling water! 

Onna Bonbon is perfectly smooth and non- porous. Glass toys can be used with any type of lubricant. We advise you to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and to use a condom if needed. 

  • ONNA BONBON is a gorgeous butt plug suitable both for self-pleasure and for sexual explorations with a partner. 
  • Smooth, tapered tip for easy insertion with a decorated wide flared base to keep play safe.
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Creates a delicious feeling of fullness.
  • Use either for solo or partner play.

Note that glass is a rigid material and unable to bend. When trying to sit up with an inflexible item in the rectum, it could be painful or bruise your body. Remove the toy before changing positions from, say, lying flat to sitting up. 

MATERIAL: Borosilicate glass




SMALL: insertable length 5-5.5 cm, width 3 cm, length 9-9.5 cm

MEDIUM: insertable length 6 cm, width 3.2 cm, length 10 cm 

LARGE:  insertable length 7cm, width 4 cm, length 12 cm.

Sizes are approximate. Each piece is handblown  and there might be slight differences in sizes.



All toys are designed & tested in Europe.

Each glass Onna Lifestyle toy is artfully made by hand. No two pieces will be exactly the same. Our toys are free from toxic glue, artificial colouring & wax. 

Annealed borosilicate glass toys are durable and safe; the only way the toy can be damaged is upon impact. Please take care when handling the product.

We work exclusively with most durable materials, which are body-safe and with factories that hold humane work practices.


Our prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The experience starts with the unwrapping. Once I received the bonbon I just looked at it in awe, it looks like a piece of art. Beautifully presented, the pattern in the glas, the weight. I have recently committed myself to anal exploration and the bonbon rocks my world. The sensual warming of the glas and the smoothness (with the right amount of lube) makes the journey feel hot & luxurious. Best purchase of the year!


The Bonbon is my first butt plug and I love it! It has good size, shape, and weight to it. It slides in nicely and easily with plenty of lube and feels super comfortable and delicious when in. I have been using it during self- pleasure, but it's perfect for starting off a bit of anal play and feeling nice to have in during sex. The design is so pretty and classy too. Thank you for making such gorgeous pleasure products. I also have Onna Raven Wave that is my favourite toy ever, a complete game changer!

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