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ONNA RAVEN CURVE- yoni massage pleasure wand

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Yoni massage and mapping wand

Our most sophisticated toy, CURVE is created specially for intimate massage and self-pleasure. CURVE’s non-phallic design is intentional, nurturing an intimate feminine relationship with your body. 
The thinner end of the Curve is crafted for internal massage to relieve muscle tension and emotional blockages. The thicker end of the toy is perfect for G-spot exploration. It’s sexy silhouette allows for easy handling and versatile play. CURVE is created with intention of healing and opening up to pleasure. Used as a weekly practice, CURVE is the best tool for a toned and healthy vagina.

  • Great toy for beginners looking to explore, massage & awaken the G-Spot. It is specially curved for easier stimulation of the G-spot.
  • Specially designed tool for women who experience mild yoni muscle tension. Use it for yoni /pelvic floor self-massage and yoni mapping
  • It is the skinniest of our gemstone toys.
  • CURVE effortlessly glides in & out due to its polished finish without creating friction or irritation to the skin.
  • We store unresolved emotions, traumas & stress in our muscles. A committed weekly self-massage practice is essential for relieving tension & emotional blockages from the yoni. Gift yourself 30 minute massage using coconut oil. Allow it to guide you to the tense pressure points and stagnant muscles.
  • CURVE will help you practice internal vaginal orgasms by awakening the inside of the vagina during self-massage. Insert CURVE inside the vagina and swipe from left to right in slow massage-like movements around the G-spot; tap the toy’s end on the G-spot either gently or in a rocking-like-motion back & forth, glide the toy in and out of the vagina, glide & twirl at the same time in and out.
  • Can use both ends of the toy
  • Perfect toy for the male anal pleasure as it is curved to press into the prostate!
  • Use either for solo or partner play

Disclaimer: If you experience pain during penetration, we strongly suggest that before investing in a toy, you see a gynaecologist and a pelvic floor specialist who can properly diagnose you. Sometimes the pain in the vagina is not just from tensed muscles. You could have a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, UTI or dealing with pain due to PTSD. Self-diagnosing and self-healing can be dangerous. The first steps of healing are always a proper medical diagnosis. 

MATERIAL: Obsidian

Obsidian wands may have tiny bubbles, pits, snowflakes, or thread-like silvery/white inclusions. Minor imperfections like tiny dots or pits may occur- remember this is a natural material.

SIZE: length17cm, width 3.2 cm wide end, 1.8 cm thin end


Onna Lifestyle gemstone pleasure toys are CERTIFIED by an EU Gemmology Institute for being 100% authentic.

All toys are designed & tested in Europe.

Each Onna Lifestyle pleasure wand is artfully carved from ONE solid block of real gemstone. Our toys are free from toxic glue, artificial colouring & wax.

We work exclusively with most durable stones which are body-safe and with factories who hold humane work practices.

Our prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity.

You are Special: each stone is unique and there isn’t another like yours. All stones vary in patterns, hues and colours.

All crystals and stones are unique, no two are the same. Due to the material of the products being natural, small imperfections in the stone are normal. Crystals are to be used internally at the customer’s discretion.

Did you know that gemstones are natural conductors of heat? Unlike common plastic and silicone sex toys, gemstone toys adapt and retain body temperature for over an hour. Toys can be used either warm or cold for temperature play. Keep them in the fridge (never freezer!) for a cooler calming effect or place under hot water for 30 seconds to warm up.

Gemstone toys can be used with any type of lubricant. We advise to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and/or to use a condom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Best Self-Pleasure Toy I Have Experienced

This black obsidian gemstone pleasure wand has transformed my sexual relationship with myself: allowing me to explore new bodily orgasms- in additional places than just my vagina- which I have never experienced until this toy and allowing me to explore the sensational relaxation and healing side to female sexual pleasure that also constitutes a thoroughly enjoyable self-care bedtime routine.

My Favorite Toy

This was the second toy I felt inspired to purchase from Onna. I love the black obsidian smoothness!! This toy for body and yoni massage has been a game changer for me. I enjoy the thick side toy yummy internal pleasure that flows all over my body. Slowing down in my body with my senses is an amazing gift I've learned from exploring Onna's site and resources.

Ice Cream (I scream from orgasms)
Orgasm Game Changer

Thank you so much Adela for designing this toy and sharing it with me after I won the Instagram contest. It has revolutionised my single person sex life.

So far I've been using vibrators to release some steam, but I've felt more violated that relaxed :D
I feel like I've built a relationship with my Raven Curve, and every time we interact it's more like a celebration than quickie. Because it's not vibrating I take my time to get my mind in the mood - dim the lights, bring scented candles. I touch myself with genuine love and care, at the tempo that is right for me. I've never done foreplay before, and I think that taking the time out of my busy day to spend time with my body makes all the difference.

I love the weight of my Raven Curve. It feels right in my hand and creates a whole new experience in my v. And because of the firmness and smoothness of this toy that has been carved from a rock, it slides incredibly easy and I don't need to use lube anymore.

Lastly let me just say that I've been suffering from a lot of anxiety relating to all things sexual to the point where I would clench my v muscles so tight that a human penis would feel like my insides are being ripped.

Raven Curve has narrower tip making it easy easier to insert (and the smoothness of the rock helps). With gradual work on my v, I can put it further and further with ease and without pain.

I also use it for yoni massage and it's 100 times better than using my finger with long nail.

The best thing I have purchased!

The best thing I have ever purchased for my vagina, neck muscles, and overall life really.

Epic time of O-ssss!

Ohh my goodness!!! I squirted using my raven curve after massage. It was magical and epic time of O-ssss!!

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