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Article: Yoni Massage Benefits Part 2- Tap into Emotional Confidence

Yoni Massage Benefits Part 2- Tap into Emotional Confidence ONNA

Yoni Massage Benefits Part 2- Tap into Emotional Confidence

yoni massage benefits

YONI MASSAGE BENEFITS Part 2 - Tap into Emotional Confidence


Have you already read the Physical Benefits of Yoni Massage?

Most women have numb vaginas. They simply have no idea what an ALIVE & AWAKE yoni feels like.

Yoni massage, whether done yourself or by a professional, is a whole body experience that includes touching, releasing, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on buttocks, breasts, hips, outside/inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body. A yoni massage can be done with hands or with a yoni massage tool. It may or may not end in orgasm.

Here are some of the Emotional Benefits of Yoni Massage:

  • Touching your body without any expectations of arousal/orgasm gifts the body the time/space to relax and enjoy touch. You retrain your body to crave physical touch rather than be annoyed or afraid of it.
  • Discover new kinds of pleasure sensations in your body by gifting yourself time to fully explore it.
  • Expand your self pleasuring from a quick vibrator masturbation to a nourishing pleasurable massage
  • Realisation that all pleasure = mini orgasms.
  • Remove emotional blocks & trauma which are stored in the vagina
  • Empower yourself by exploring new orgasm abilities other than clitoral
  • Explore the emotions that come up during massage and release them so they no longer control you - joy, sadness, pain, regret, longing.
  • Overcome frigidity, low libido & body shame
  • A sexually satisfied woman is a joy for herself & everyone around her. Her inner radiance is intoxicating.
  • Self-touch connects you to your eroticism and desire to express it
  • Orgasm heals the heart and gifts a pleasurable state of calmness
  • A sexually fulfilled body is interconnected with your physical health, mental health, relationships, career and even your spiritual practice.
  • Explore slow pleasure & sexual meditation practices
  • Raise your sexual vibration and attract better lovers through your body confidence
  • A sexually open and orgasmic woman is strong & empowered

Most importantly, when done by yourself, yoni massage is FREE and accessible to all. You can massage yourself anytime anywhere. Even five minutes of massage daily gift enormous benefits!

Grab some coconut oil and begin today!

PS. We love a book by Tami Lynn Kent “The Wild Feminine” which has information and instructions on yoni self-massage.

Always in the Mood for Love,



About the Author:
Elena is the creator & author of The Yoni Empire and Co-Founder of Onna Lifestyle. She is a sex educator and writer, lover of all things pleasure-related. She healed an 8 year chronic yoni pain. She teaches and writes shamelessly about female sexuality and eroticism, supporting women with overcoming sexual triggers, insecurities and trauma. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time - connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire.



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