Are they real? Can I experience them too?


I can tell you they are very real, and it is possible for every human being to experience this kind of full-body energy orgasm. We all have the ability to experience full-body orgasms. All we need to do is to let go, surrender, and allow the built-up sexual energy to flow through our bodies. If you have experienced a full-body orgasm, you will agree that they feel different than orgasms felt only in your genitals, and affect you differently on all levels- physically, emotionally, and energetically.


To have a full-body orgasm and feel that intense pleasure in your entire body, you need to practice. Self-pleasure is your training ground. You can also practice with a partner willing and able to work with you to get there, but it is much easier to start with yourself. 


What do they feel like? 


There are orgasms, and there are full-body orgasms. The experience is much more sublime and divine, and it isn't easy to use words available to us to describe this kind of experience. Some describe it as a wave of intense pleasure rippling throughout and filling up your entire being, from head to toe. It goes far beyond just  the physical body, though - it can touch you at the deepest levels of 

your soul. It feels like every cell in your body is orgasming and exploding with pleasure. This kind of expansive orgasm feels nurturing and energizing as opposed to the orgasms that very often leave you feeling disconnected and drained. 


To start understanding what full-body orgasms are, we need to realize what an orgasm actually is. An orgasm is a release of built-up energy in our bodies. This energy is our sexual energy. We first build up our sexual  energy through different arousal stages until we reach the point when our body can no longer hold it. You can think of it as an accumulated pleasure too intense for the body to store inside.


The most common way to orgasm is for our bodies to tense up and release the energy externally, either through the penis and ejaculation or clitoral orgasms. The key to experiencing full-body orgasms is redirecting this energy inwards and upwards into our entire body. That is why it is easier for those who already experience pleasurable sensations inside the vagina to direct the energy inwards. 


One of the best ways to move sexual energy inwards is by applying internal stimulation using a non-vibrating dildo and awakening pleasurable sensations in the vagina. 


How to have a full-body orgasm?


Five steps to making this life-changing and delicious pleasure experience possible.



Block out time- set aside at least 60 minutes with yourself. Choose a location where you will feel comfortable and relaxed.



Start touching your entire body. Limit stroking and touching to areas of the body that are not sexually stimulating. For example, begin by focusing your touch on your scalp, face, or hands. Focus your awareness on your physical sensations. Then slowly move towards your breasts and genitals but keep exploring the sensual responses of your entire body. 



Introduce long and deep inhales. The more you breathe, the more you feel, and the more sexual energy you raise. With all that generated sexual energy, you are more likely to experience a more prolonged, deeper, expanded, and fuller orgasm.


As you exhale, let out sounds. Making sounds and using your voice is another way to move your energy. Using deeper, lower-pitched sounds will move energy down your body toward your genitals, and higher pitches will move sexual energy upward — experiment with making different sounds and observe how they affect your physical sensations.



Move your body. Undulate your upper body and your hips. Rock your pelvis, or create wavelike motions with your hips, back, shoulders, and head. Keep your entire body engaged in the experience of pleasure. 



Stroke and stimulate your genitals (either internally with your fingers or a non-vibrating toy or externally), but pause or slow down when you get to 80-90% of your arousal. One of the best ways to move sexual energy inwards is by applying internal stimulation using a non vibrating dildo and awakening pleasurable sensations in the vagina. Learn to distinguish between low, medium, and high levels of your turn-on and arousal. When you pause stimulating yourself, stay with your breath, then bring your arousal back to 80% again. Repeat this cycle of riding the waves of your low, mid and high arousal a couple of times. Read more about edging for women here. Learn how to find your  G-spot here.

After some time of enjoying this practice, you might realize that, instead of having an orgasmic peak, you have been in an orgasmic state all along. The build-up of sexual energy in this practice creates an orgasmic state, which you can feel even after you stop touching yourself. You may even have an internal orgasm

But remember, practice makes perfect. Even if you cannot have a full body or any orgasm right away using these techniques, they should bring an elevated and more heightened experience to your self-pleasure session. Do not chase the outcome; enjoy the journey, no matter the outcome.



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