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Article: How to have internal orgasms

How to have internal orgasms

How to have internal orgasms


What if you could enjoy intense and prolonged arousal and turn it into internal orgasms?

This is indeed possible, and with some regular practice, you will be able to do it within a few days or weeks — most women who learn it never look back. If you already have some embodiment and mindfulness practice, it will be easier for you to open up your body to more pleasure sensations and achieve internal orgasms.

Internal orgasms are something many heard of, but few have experienced their wonder.

Due to stress in daily life, emotional tension, and other physical and psychological reasons, many women cannot orgasm easily and very often have never had an orgasm at all. And if they do, most go through life never experiencing internal orgasms or any orgasms other than clitoral ones. These are super yummy too, but if you are an explorer and would like to experience deeper or just different sensations, this guide is for you.

Many women think they do not have a G-spot or cannot find it because they do not feel anything in that area. We all have a G-spot, but only some have been able to awaken its pleasure potential. Nobody teaches us how to do it.

Also, most are usually looking for something that triggers an intense, clitoral-like pleasure that will make them orgasm immediately. G-spot sensations are very different from the sensations from clitoral stimulation because both are innervated by different nerves.

While the clitoris connects to the pudendal nerve, the G-spot is innervated by the pelvic nerve located deeper inside. Both nerves trigger different kinds of sensations.
The quality of your pleasure and orgasms will depend on what nerves will be stimulated. Learn more about these differences in our Female Pleasure Anatomy Guide.

The G- spot is not a magic button. The sensitivity of your G-spot may vary dramatically and will change as you explore and bring more awareness to the area.

The pleasurable sensations from the G-spot build slowly.

Do not feel discouraged if you do not feel much pleasure or anything in that area initially. It is actually pretty normal, and you might need a little more time to explore and practice.

Focus on the pleasurable sensations instead of focusing on achieving orgasm. Remember, orgasm is the result of pleasure accumulation and total relaxation.

This is a self-pleasure practice that helped many women learn how to orgasm internally.

Experiencing internal orgasms takes practice and time and a holistic approach to the body, mind, and heart.

Experiencing G-spot orgasms takes practice and time. It might be easier for some and more difficult for others. Do not be discouraged if you do not have an orgasm or give in and go for a clitoral orgasm instead.

It could take weeks/months to become familiar with this area in your body. Concentrate on the pleasure and treat each session as a step closer to your orgasm.

The best way to awaken the prostate is to use G-spot toys and pleasure wands that are curved, hard, and with a little bulb/lip, allowing for gently massaging the back of the G-spot.


These are the most popular toys for awakening the G-spot







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