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Article: Pain During Sex, Jaw Tension, and Incontinence: The Pelvic Floor Connection

Pain During Sex, Jaw Tension, and Incontinence: The Pelvic Floor Connection

Pain During Sex, Jaw Tension, and Incontinence: The Pelvic Floor Connection

Got jaw tension? Pleasure might be your antidote!

Did you know more than half of women have some sort of incontinence issue in our lives, chronic jaw tension or pain during sex? That’s right, more than half! The truth is, our pelvic floor health might be more connected to this than you think. Most of us learn false info based on men’s science & only think about it around child birth, when care should be a constant.

Your pelvic floor has 14 muscles that work together in harmony. They affect your health in a holistic way; from your biology, to your mental health, to your social behavior.

So if you want to start feeling great & have mind blowing intimacy, pay attention. It’s not about “being tight”. It’s about control. So the first thing you need to know is; are your muscles tight/tense or loose/weak?

If you resonate with 1 of these statements: 

”My jaw often feels tense”  
“I have a small bladder which is why I pee so often”
“I often feel pain during penetration”
“I have trouble squirting”  

… you likely have a pelvic floor that’s too tight. This can affect your breathing, body tension, lead to chronic jaw tension, digestion issues, back pain & more.

But there are simple practices to overcome this quite quickly. And working with the ONNA tools makes them both more pleasurable and effective! Let me guide you through how:

Working with a pilates ball:

Did you know that a tight muscle cannot grow stronger? Makes sense, right? So, especially if you work out your abs, it’s important to roll out your pelvic floor muscles just like you would any other muscle in your body to release the tightness.

Get a 5-10 Euro Coregeous Ball or air filled ball with about a 20cm diameter.
Put it on the floor, and plank down on it with your tummy against it. Start right above your pelvic bone.
Breathe in, hold and contract the area you are pushing against.
Exhale with a sound, relax.
Repeat moving your way intuitively across areas that feel tight.

Working with an ONNA pleasure wand:

This practice is often called de-armouring, as it can feel like a large emotional release and there are often psychosomatic blockages in our vaginal wall from past experiences we have had. It’s important to take it slow, honor your boundaries, and only let the wand enter when you are truly lusting for it to be inside of you.

  • Set up a ritual space with candles, turn on a soft sensual playlist if you want, and block off 20-30 min of time at the very least.
  • Start breathing in a connected fashion with no pause between the inhale and exhale until you feel more in your body than your brain. Then, find your pleasure.
  • When you feel ready, use the wand with some vulva friendly oil to slowly press on the outside of your vulva, moving clockwise. As you press quite firmly, breathe in, hold, then release with a sound. Imagine what sound would come from that place in your body.
  • Then, move to the inside of your vaginal wall, slowly pressing clockwise rotating inward with each spiral. Follow your intuition. Your body knows.
  • Continue until you feel complete. Keep on breathing and sounding throughout. Stay present with what comes up for you. What is your felt sense, and where?
  • Finish up with gratitudes for yourself in your practice.

Doing these two practices semi-regularly should help you connect to these important muscles, so you can relax them, keep them healthy, and feel more connected to your body.


About the writer:

Meet Fabiola Einhorn: A certified somatic resonance and creativity coach with almost a decade of experience in neo- and classical tantra yoga, breathwork, biohacking, and toning.  She specializes in spiritual dynamics that enrich everyday activities, especially the intimate, as pleasure is one of our most powerful yet suppressed feelings. Via pleasurehacking, Fabiola Einhorn offers a tangible journey towards expanded intimacy, love, and relationships. 

She’s here to guide singles and couples in kissing goodbye to trauma, liberate and embody their unique expression, and master emotional empowerment.


IG: @thepleasurehacker


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