Prostate massage has the potential to trigger a uniquely powerful and deep, full-body orgasm in men. The prostate (also called the P-Spot) is the male version of the female G-spot, and when stimulated enables even more (some say it is up to 33% more)  intense orgasms, otherwise unattainable by the more standard penile friction.




The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in people born with a penis called the 'male G-spot.' This gland produces the seminal fluid found in the ejaculate.


The prostate is located just below the bladder, about two inches inside the rectum towards the navel. 




The anus and its surrounding area are jam-packed with nerve endings, which is precisely why anal play can feel incredible whether or not you have a prostate. The prostate itself has a lot of blood vessels that swell with increased blood flow. The extra blood helps make the area more sensitive, boosting pleasure.

Stimulating this gland has the potential to create more intense orgasms. However, prostate play is still somewhat taboo for many heterosexual men due to homophobic views and shame. 


Not everyone orgasms from prostate stimulation alone, so stimulating the penis simultaneously can add to the mind-blowing sensations and pleasure.




It isn't uncommon for prostate owners to experience 'dry orgasms,' allowing for multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Some say P-spot orgasms feel similar to penile orgasms, only way more intense and felt deeper and through the entire body.


Massaging the prostate is also beneficial for prostate health. Studies have shown that regularly massaging the prostate to release prostatic fluid can help reduce prostate cancer risk. Increasing blood flow in the area can also increase elasticity, strengthen the pelvic floor, and help prevent erectile challenges over time. 

Pleasure and health, what's not to like?


Is prostate stimulation the same as anal sex? Not really, both can involve anal penetration, but internal prostate stimulation takes a softer touch and involves more precise movements and smaller instruments. While dildos or penises are great for anal sex, fingers and smaller toys like Onna Tease are required for more targeted stimulation of the prostate.


If prostate play is something you and your partner have considered and talked about, here are some tips for you. Before you start, make sure you both know what's about to happen. Prostate massage is not something you want to surprise your partner with, especially when it's their first time experiencing it. 


Today we want to  give you step by step tips on using the Tease for male prostate play and prostate massage. 


The ONNA TEASE is one of our super toys that work equally well for men and women. And while it's a fantastic toy for solo play for all genders, it can be pretty mind-blowing for couples to use together too! 


Because of the curved shape, smoothness, and two differently sized ends, you really can explore your partner's body in ways neither of you ever imagined. 


ONNA TEASE was designed for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation. 


1. Hygiene - this one goes without saying. 


2. Have a lot of lube ready.


3. Start by gently massaging your partner's anus, applying a substantial amount of lube. You can use your mouth and tongue to stimulate the area. Arousal makes the prostate begin to fill up, making it easier to find and feel more pleasurable to touch.


4. When your partner is ready, you can gently insert your finger first before inserting the thinner end of the TEASE. 


5. Go slowly and take your time. First, insert just the bulb and wait until the anus relaxes enough before going deeper. Ask your partner to let you know when he is ready for a more rigorous activity.


6. Once the wand is in place, you can explore a ton of options:


Twist the body of the Tease around and feel/probe around until you find the right angle and your partner signals that you hit the right spot.

Mimic the come hither motion with the toy.

Press gently into the prostate and massage it in circular motion.

You can gently and rhythmically press down at the outer end to rock it up and down.


Remember - you want to mimic stroking movement, not poking! Keep a slow, steady rhythm, and use firm pressure. You might need to vary the tempo and pressure until you find the right combination, start slower and lighter, and gradually add more pressure.


7. Add stimulating your partner's penis with your hands or orally for a truly mind-blowing experience.


8. Depending on your partner's preference, play with different temperatures and either warm up the TEASE or cool it down.



The TEASE is genuinely one of the best toys for prostate massage. It helps precisely control the pressure you are using on your partner's prostate. The curve makes it easy to find the prostate. You can choose which size to use as both ends have bulbs of different sizes, with the larger one being more of a plug. 

The Tease is made of non-porous, hypoallergenic medical-grade borosilicate glass, and the clean-up is super easy.




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