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Article: Do women enjoy going down on their partners?

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Do women enjoy going down on their partners?

Do women enjoy going down on their partners?

How do women feel about giving oral sex? Of course, we all like different things, and there are people who do not exactly enjoy going downtown, or find it challenging for variety of reasons.

But we can tell you this much: there absolutely are women who LOVE IT.

Below you can read answers from women who volunteered to answer our 20 questions about love, sex and pleasure.


"I absolutely love going down on him. I love to give him pleasure, a moment where he can surrender himself to the sensations. I love to let him know how much I like him and get turned on by him. There is almost nothing that makes me wetter than that. I love to play and explore, the slow wet sensual movements in alternation with fast ‘pounding’ movements. I love it all."

"That it makes them happy, surprised and it's nice when they like it. But I personally don't like giving a blowjob and I think men really do want it/enjoy getting it. I don't like the taste, I have a very painful jaw problems and my gag reflex is above average I think. I just feel very bad doing it, physically and mentally, because all I can think about is "When does it end, is it going to be enough, are they going to be mad?"
"The smoothness, their sounds and movements, how I can really focus on serving them and their needs and pleasure."
"So much actually. His moans. His hardness in my mouth. The taste of his dick. His reaction when I kiss his balls. Mostly just feeling how much it gets him off."
"I love how they smile, and love it. I love when it throbs and I tease them. I like a more vocal situation, when he’s completely quiet, it’s not as fun."
"I'm learning....getting over past trauma.  I like how my current partner's presence changes when I at least try going down on him.  I feel him shift into himself, if that makes sense.  I'm more comfortable after reading items provided via your site. Practice makes perfect, so they say!"
"I enjoy the fact that I am able to give them pleasure, the fact that I give him all my attention and I think it's kinda hot to be fully invested there and see their reaction. I would like to be more sure of what I'm doing because I usually overthink everything, but getting feedback or positive reactions usually helps."
"I LOVE GIVING HEAD. I know i'm good at it too, haha. I love the pleasure I know they are getting. I love the sounds and the control. I love the feeling of it getting harder even after you thought it was as hard as it could be. The person I have been currently sleeping with has the best tasting cum. I could suck his dick all day long. I have had cum that has made me literally throw up after. I didn't look as forward to giving him head as I do with the current one. I love the balls and how sensitive they are and how all the power is literally in your hands or mouth. i love that it gives a natural lubrication when youre about to have sex. it's wet and sloppy and I love it.  it can happen anywhere and most men love it and they also love knowing you love doing it. which makes it much more enjoyable for both parties."
"I love watching my partner lie back and relax.  It is such a turn on for me.  The more he moans, the harder he becomes, the wetter and more turned on I become.  There is something about being in control of his pleasure at that moment.  Other times, I love when he has control of the situation, when he tells me to go down on him, when he grabs my hair and won’t let me give up."
"The praise. Bettering my skills, listening to how he moans because of me. I love making him lose control and make him want me more. I love feeling how hard he gets when he's in my mouth. And also, I get off from the oxygen deprivation that comes with deep throating."

"I started really enjoying going down on a partner when I made it a delicious experience also for me. I absolutely adore tuning in with me and my pleasure, going slow, feeling my whole body aroused and moving, worshiping him and his cock, treating it as the most precious thing, feeling like I can’t barely hold control and I get lost with it to the point that I need to pause with his cock in my mouth and moan as it is sooo delicious. I feel like the more I tune into myself and enjoy the experience the more he enjoys it too."

"My partner's lust. His cock. Picturing him picturing how it feels to enter me.  Finding his responsiveness grow to really subtle changes in pressure, temperature. I like that I can tell it feels different with different parts of my tongue. It really arouses me to feel him get really hard and wet and I start picturing what he would feel like inside me."
"I love the faces he makes, the pure pleasure in his eyes. I love how warm his cock feels against my hands and my mouth. I love taking my time, really tease him. I also really love how the skin of his cock feels, it feels so soft yet it's so hard. Doesn't hurt that the taste of him turns me on."

"Feeling them moan and enjoy it, holding their pleasure in my mouth and hands. Watching him watching me."

"I love going down on a woman but I've never given a blowjob to a man after I was almost raped this way in my late teens.
With women I enjoy the vulnerability and trust and the idea of giving it all to her."
"Everything. I have yet to meet a lover who isn't delighted about receiving a blowjob. I love looking up and teasing the tip before going deep and feeling their incremental enjoyment."

"The idea of being of service to them.. yummy. Tasting their most intimate parts and appreciating them."

"Hmmmm, it feels wonderfully naughty for some reason. I also love the slobbery messiness of it and looking up to see my partner happy and enjoying himself."




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