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Article: 6 tantric pleasurehacks to get out of your head, and into your body

6 tantric pleasurehacks to get out of your head, and into your body

6 tantric pleasurehacks to get out of your head, and into your body

How can tantra help expand your pleasure?

First off, what even is tantra, you might ask. In essence, tantra is about using sound, movement, breath and visualization in synchronicity to move through life in an empowered way. In fact, hatha, ashtanga, and a lot of somatic bodywork is inspired by tantra. Although there are many different tantras and lineages, one of the things I love about it generally, is that most of us are already doing it in some shape or form today! There is absolutely no need to get dogmatic or too serious about it. It’s a philosophy driven by ecstasy, staying curious about the unknown, feeling all feelings, questioning societal behavior patterns, and play.

Many people think tantra is about sex, but it’s not – rather it is one of the very few ancient philosophies and practices that doesn’t deny our sexual energy. We can use classical tantric principles for our liberation and full, true expression. Using these principles to get into our bodies are very effective. And, since sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies we have, this energy can become a beautiful tool for deeper, spiritual healing.

Using the steps I outline below, you might discover the remembrance of the vast ocean of experiential potential your body contains. Because yes - even YOUR body has this incredibly beautiful, powerful, and graceful potential that can be deeply healing and awakening.

So, if you struggle getting out of your head and into your pleasure, I invite you to try the three daily “cool” Pleasurehacks, followed by the “hot” ones below. Once you have practiced in a “cool” setting (without erotic energy to distract you), it’s easier to apply erotic energy. See it as a meditation practice, where it makes sense to start with minimal distractions.

Three daily “cool” Pleasurehacks to do in your everyday life:

1. Practice being in the felt sense on the daily. Say out aloud to yourself “I feel a (insert felt, tangible sensation e.g. tingling, heat, bubbliness, numbness - NOT a mind construct like anger, love) in my (insert location e.g. in my heart, in my feet, in my pussy). Saying it out aloud aligns your limbic and cortical brain, helping you process emotion.

2. Open up your voice on the daily. We are taught to “shhh” as little kids, especially in sexual situations. When we stump out toe, we usually scream. But when we’re intimate, our sound tends to come out blocked or we feel we only sound good if we sound like that porn artist. Open up your vocal chords by singing in the shower, and giving yourself permission to sound in all ways, learning that all sounds are sexy.

3. Liberate your movement with shaking on the daily. Put on some haitian drums and do a 5-10 min shakti shake, preferably in the morning, or in between work breaks, as it can truly energize you! Now you don’t want to dance here, as dancing often comes from the brain, but you want start giving your body permission to move without mind control. This in turn, will liberate your orgasms and intimate expression!

Once you have done the above a few days, weeks, or simply enough times where you feel you have a hang of it (trust your intuition here!), you can start incorporating this into your self-pleasure routine. The effects of the above will probably be noticeable automatically, in the way you show up in your everyday life, but it’s cool to apply these tools intentionally with erotic energy to get the full effects.

Three “hot” Pleasurehacks to incorporate into your self-pleasure routine:

1. Set up intentional space. Open up a self-loving space with candles and your favorite decorations and lighting. This lets your nervous system know you’re doing something special and different. Using the Onna pleasure tools will help you transform your masturbation practice into one that’s more expansive and meditative, adding a healing and deeply nourishing quality to it. I always recommend simply connecting with what’s present, because that will lead you to where is right for you. But liberating your expression, or feeling deeper are beautiful intentions to have, to use pleasure as a healing tool.

2. Breathe in a connected fashion. Breathwork is one of the most effective ways to get out of your mind. A connected breath, where there is no pause between the inhale and exhale at your own pace, is a powerful tool to keep in mind when self-pleasuring or playing with other beautiful beings. Simply imagine your breath moves like an ocean wave through you, and breathe as deeply as is comfortable to you. You can breathe in and connect with your felt sense, breathe out and express via sound or movement.

3. Lastly, relax that jaw. Think about the last time you had an orgasm – your jaw was wide open, right?! Opening your jaw actually physically relaxes your pelvic muscles, diaphragm to help with that breathing, and gives you deeper access to pleasure. So breathing in and out softly through the mouth is also a super simple hack to get out of your head.


About the writer:

Meet Fabiola Einhorn: A certified somatic resonance and creativity coach with almost a decade of experience in neo- and classical tantra yoga, breathwork, biohacking, and toning.  She specializes in spiritual dynamics that enrich everyday activities, especially the intimate, as pleasure is one of our most powerful yet suppressed feelings. Via pleasurehacking, Fabiola Einhorn offers a tangible journey towards expanded intimacy, love, and relationships. 

She’s here to guide singles and couples in kissing goodbye to trauma, liberate and embody their unique expression, and master emotional empowerment.


IG: @thepleasurehacker


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