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YONI PAIN DUO SET: ONNA Curve + OHNUT Penetration Buffer Rings Set

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We have created a duo healing set for the yoni which needs some loving, pampering and care! Buy both products together and save  money!


Ohnut is designed to support women who suffer and are currently healing from vaginal pain or penetration discomfort. Ohnut does not heal symptoms of vaginal pain. It eases the emotional anxiety/fear and vaginal muscle spasms when anticipating penetration.
Ohnut is a set of penetration buffer rings which are worn by the penetrating partner on their phallus/dildo. They act as a safe buffer for "too-deep penetration" so that you can feel safe and have the control over how deep the phallus will enter your body. 
The rings are designed to feel just like skin. They are squishy, soft and comfortable to wear like a gentle hug. When worn, both partners will barely notice it’s there. For the wearing partner, it feels like a pleasurable vaginal canal extension. 



Our most sophisticated toy, CURVE is created specially for intimate yoni massage and self-pleasure exploring. CURVE’s non-phallic design is intentional, nurturing an intimate feminine relationship with your body. Sweet, delicate and smooth, Curve is the the ideal toy for a sensual woman.

The thinner end of the Curve is crafted for internal massage to relieve muscle tension and emotional blockages. The thicker end of the toy is perfect for G-spot exploration. It’s sexy silhouette allows for easy handling and versatile play. CURVE is created with intention of healing and opening up to pleasure. Used as a weekly practice, CURVE is the best tool for a toned and healthy vagina.


  • Use both products together either during self-massage, self-pleasuring or partner play.
  • Specially designed tools for women who experience mild yoni muscle tension. Use them for yoni /pelvic floor self-massage and yoni mapping practice.
  • We store unresolved emotions, traumas & stress in our muscles. A committed weekly self-massage practice is essential for relieving tension & emotional blockages from the yoni. Gift yourself 30 minute massage using coconut oil. Allow it to guide you to the tense pressure points and stagnant muscles.
  • Ohnut helps with holding the Curve toy during massage if it becomes too oily and slippery to hold
  • Use Ohnut as a penetration buffer during anal play solo or with a partner
Disclaimer: If you experience pain during penetration, we strongly suggest that before investing in a product, you see a gynaecologist and a pelvic floor specialist who can properly diagnose you. Sometimes the pain in the vagina is not just from tensed muscles. You could have a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, UTI or dealing with pain due to PTSD. Self-diagnosing and self-healing can be dangerous. The first steps of healing are always a proper medical diagnosis.

Each product comes complete with a soft pouch, elegant storage box and care instructions manual.

We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of our packaging is either from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

We ship WORLDWIDE in discreet packaging. There are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.

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