Yoni Mapping For More Pleasure & Orgasms


How well do you know your body and its pleasure abilities?

Do you know your yoni well? Do you know where to touch for pleasure? Do you know where the sore spots are? Do you know how to touch yourself in order to orgasm?

Did you know that you can maximise your pleasure by mapping your vagina?


Its a Google map of your yoni!  Yoni Mapping is your Compass to PLEASURE.
It takes less than an hour to map your yoni!

Mapping your yoni brings you a clear picture of how it operates - the trigger points, pleasure, numbness, tension & pain spots. Understanding this, allows you to masturbate, make love and massage yourself to maximum pleasure.

For those women struggling with yoni pain and tension, it is a sweet revelation to find out that pain does not always live ALL OVER your yoni but rather resides in a few spots. By making a pelvic map of your yoni, you begin to understand and heal the tension inside as well a explore MORE PLEASURE!

You can do yoni mapping with fingers or use the help of a yoni massage tool such as the ONNA CURVE massage toy. Sometimes fingers aren’t long enough and may cramp or go numb. Onna CURVE toy was specially designed for yoni mapping and yoni self-massage.

Many women struggle orgasming without vibrating sex toys because most have no idea what to do with just their hands. No one ever teaches us! If you want to be an orgasmic woman, you gotta use the non-vibrating toys as TOOLS - for releasing tension points inside the pussy, finding sweet spots, painful spots, icky spots, emotional spots & PLEASURE spots.

Non Vibrating toys are designed to SLOWLY self-pleasure, self-massage & slowly seduce an orgasm to form all over your body and explode inside of you rather than expel out of you.

Non vibrating toys are more nourishing to the body than vibrators.

The tension in your pelvic bowl is preventing you from epic orgasms. Tension and numbness in the yoni is the body’s coping mechanism to deal with stress. Just like we massage our neck & shoulders, we should be massaging our yoni in order to minimise physical discomfort and maximise pleasure.

“Mapping” the sensations in your yoni brings you a clear picture of how it operates - the trigger points, pleasure, numbness, tension & pain.






1. Read all the instructions first to familiarise yourself with the steps involved.

2. You will need: towel, yoni massage oil, pen & paper & Onna CURVE toy (optional)

3. Find a comfortable and private space for the yoni mapping session

4. Draw a palm-sized circle on your paper & number it like you would a clock. From  1 o’clock all the way around to 12 o’clock.   This circle represents your yoni. The clitoris is at 12 o’clock.

5. Recline back on your bed/couch in a comfortable position, on top of a towel,     with easy access to your yoni.

6. Begin to massage your yoni gently and slowly with or without the massage oil to  relax yourself and open her up. You can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on your mood.

7. When you feel that your yoni is more relaxed and open, oil your index finger or the tip of the CURVE toy. Gently insert inside about 1cm deep.

8. Notice how your yoni muscles tense up or relax when you penetrate yourself.

9. Press into 1 o’clock with the CURVE and breathe.

10. How hard to press? On a scale of 1-feather touch to 10-super painful, press at around 5-6. It should feel like you are giving your yoni a deep tissue massage. Like a yoni reflexology!

11. What do you feel? Numbness? Pain? Pleasure? Tension? Is it burning strong pain or numb pain?

12. Record your findings on the paper next to 1 o’clock.

13. Move the CURVE to 2 o’clock and press into the flesh. What do you feel?

14. Repeat clockwise all the way to 12 o’clock, recording your findings. Spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute on each hour section.

15. Alternate between the CURVE toy and your finger. Certain spots may require one or the other. Feel for areas of tension in your pelvic muscles. They are similar to painful muscle knots in your neck or shoulders. You can rate and record the pain on a scale from 1-10 for more detail.

16. What you will notice is that every centimetre in your yoni may feel different. Some parts will feel numb. Others will hold pain and tension. Some parts will experience pleasurable sensations.

17. Please note - feeling nothing is also a feeling. There can be areas of numbness in the vagina which need to be awaken through massage.

18. Once you’ve done the full circle mapping at the entrance of your vagina, move the CURVE another 1-2cm deeper and repeat the circle again. You can map as far as your cervix if you wish.

19. Be ready for emotions to come up. If you feel like crying, allow yourself to do so. Deep tissue massage often loosens the emotions stuck in the muscles.

20. If you become tired during Yoni Mapping, then take a break or finish the practice on another day.

21. Once you have all your results written down, take a look at your map. Do you see any patterns?

The pelvic map illustrates the tension & pleasure patterns inside the vagina.

Every woman’s pelvic map is different!

You may discover that at 2 and 3 o’clock you feel incredible pleasure! However at 6 and 7 o’clock you feel pain. Most women tend to repeatedly carry their tension in the same spots, the same way they carry chronic stress in the neck or lower back. You can pelvic map once a week for a month to be sure. It is not needed to repeat this practice again once you’ve discovered your patterns.

Use this map to address the spots in your next yoni self-massage or self-pleasure practices.

Massage the painful and numb spots. Play with the pleasure spots.


We first learnt about Pelvic Mapping from pelvic specialist Tami Lynn Kent. Check out her book “The Wild Feminine”. It is a fantastic read and we highly recommend it!!!

Now, time to explore and play!

If you have a any questions, feel free to message us at onnalifestyle@gmail.com



About the Author:
Elena is the creator & author of The Yoni Empire. She is a Slow Sex & Pleasure Educator, a sex researcher, writer & lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about female sexuality and eroticism. A self-proclaimed Pussy Whisperer, Elena is the co-founder of Onna Lifestyle brand which designs natural gemstone slow pleasure toys for women. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time - connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire & @onna_lifestyle.








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I experience pain when I have sex. I have done for years. I’ve had loads of scans to make sure everything is ok and they’ve all come back clear. I’ve had physio before and I also seen a sexual counsellor. I haven’t had any trauma in my life for me to feel like this. I’ve seen yoni mapping come up a lot and I feel this could help me a lot.
I can feel pleasure with cliterois stimulation but not penetration.

Can you give me some advice on what things can help??

Thank you

Cassie April 09, 2019

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