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Article: We asked women about their orgasms

We asked women about their orgasms

We asked women about their orgasms


Unless you are one of the lucky women who orgasms effortlessly, you might be asking yourself: "Am I the only one who has trouble orgasming?"
Nope, but a lot of women don't discuss it.
We asked women to share how easy or difficult it is to climax and how their orgasms feel.

Here are their answers:

"I can, if I am mentally aroused. If not or not a deep connection then take a little while. What orgasms do you experience and describe how different they feel to you (if you experience more than one type, clitoral, vaginal, cervical, nipple, anal....) I am about 50% clit 50% vaginal."

"I really struggle with orgasm and find it so hard to reach."

"Yes and no. My clit can be too sensitive and touching it sometimes hurts/is very uncomfortable. I know how to touch myself, so I can come in a few minutes. But I've never orgasmed solely thanks to my partner. The best way to orgasm for me is g-spot stimulation + clit stimulation."

"I orgasm frequently and every time I want to, but I wouldn’t call it “easily”. It takes time and I need a very slow, long lead up to orgasm. I usually experience clitoral orgasms, either through touching myself or with my partner’s mouth, and after edging , they can be a super intense full body pleasure release. Screaming, squirting, earth-shattering, and usually multiple. I have also experienced vaginal (way less frequently), but only with my own hand or Onna toy. These are usually less intense and feel a little less pleasurable for me than clitoral orgasms. I have had one nipple orgasm, when I was a teen or in my early 20s…I was masturbating and edging and took a break to rub and roll my nipples. They’re really sensitive and feel so incredible - I usually need nipple stimulation in order to orgasm. When I took a break from rubbing my pussy (so I wouldn’t ruin my orgasm too soon), I played with just my nipples. It felt better and better until I actually fully came just from edging myself to that point and then stopping to touch and rub my nipples. It was a full-blow, full body orgasm, just as if I had still been touching my clit. It felt so fucking good, and I haven’t been able to recreate it yet."

"Clitoral is easy, especially if I am in charge, and vaginal in the right position. Clitoral is like a little mini explosion of energy and vaginal fills up my whole core. I am currently dealing with some loss of sensitivity and the Onna Allure is a dream come true helping me rediscover myself."

"I don’t orgasm easily. I think my body can, and when I masturbate it doesn’t take long. But with someone else there it’s so far nearly impossible for me. (Reason would be trauma). I’m working with myself there to release the tension as I want to experience it with my partner. Mostly I’ve had clitoral orgasms (they feel „sharp“ and are over quick). Lately I’ve been having vaginal orgasms as well, most are still a little shallow (as if my body cannot relax into it) but I’ve had two that were mindblowing. They lasted way longer and I literally lost all other senses for a couple of seconds, so I know my body is capable of that. Working on trauma and tension release to expand my experiences."

"I don't just through penetration, I need to directly stimulate my clit. Which I’m very comfortable taking control of that if they’re not (in whichever position). The deeper (vaginal) orgasms I’ve only really found the past two years, so much better and warmer. And the gspot - similar, soo good."


"No, I don't orgasm easily. But when I do, I love vaginal orgasm. They come rolling and I can feel them in my whole body. They leave me exhausted."


"I do think I orgasm quite easily. I don't orgasm from clitoral stimulation solely. But I do experience vaginal, cervical, anal orgasms from penetration (with either a penis or dildo). I've once orgasmed from solely nipple stimulation (this man sucked on my nipples like his life depended on it haha and it was amazing). I do experience orgasms while being stimulated both clitorally and vaginally (using a vibrator on the clit in combination with penetration), but not solely clitoral. I only have a vibrating wand (I don't use vibrating toys internally.) Those orgasms while using a vibrator are very intense though, and I can only have a single one, after that I feel depleted. Vibrators are often just too intense. Clit stimulation with hands or tongue is very very nice, but it doesn't make me come. But every now and then I use the vibe on the clit in combination with an Onna dildo to release stress... Sometimes that feeling of depletion is nice. But using an Onna toy without a vibrator is better. Or, a penis of course. Penetration with a penis or Onna toy either vaginal or anal is actually way better than a vibrator on the clit. Less intense, but so so so much more pleasurable and nourishing and I can keep going and going and going. :-)"


"I can do it! It depends on my mental/emotional connection and stimulation.
Clitorial orgasms are usually my go to when time is an issue, and the majority of my self pressure orgasms (although I'd love to have more time to further explore internal orgasms and learning to squirt through self pleasure and onna toys - I have the raven wave and drop) Often these orgasms are achieved by vibrator, or fingers. I love how my whole pussy pulses as I orgasm through clitoral stimulation.
I have internal orgasms as well, my partner makes me cum while he penetrates me. Only in certain positions though. The feeling of internal explosion is sensational.
I have only once experienced nipple orgasm, it was erotic and such a slow sensual process. I must try this again!
Anal orgasms happen quite quickly for me, especially during penetrative. It is a different sensation to a vaginal orgasm and while it is so delicious I often feel like my pussy needs some attention as well and I like to orgasm again immediately through clitoral stimulation or I feel as if I am left a little unsatisfied."

 "I do orgasm easily. Clitoral feels very condensed in one area. Vaginal is intense and feels like a whole body experience. Nipple feels like shivers and just yummy, vaginal plus anal play is mind blowing and overwhelming, made me squirt for the first time."

"I never had an orgasm. I grew up in a very religious family so I also don't self-explore (don't know where to start and feels weird) and it's beginning to be a real problem for me. This is also the reason I go from one partner to another, I expect them to make me have an orgasm and feel disappointed when it doesn't happen. I know that It's my responsibility but I just don't know where to start or what to do and my mind just gets frozen around those thoughts when I'm with someone (what is there is something wrong with me, what if it's his fault and I just have to find the right partner, what if it's just something that's never gonna happen for me, etc. )."

"Very easily when it’s clitoral. I experience vaginal orgasms but with help of clitoral stimulation. And it's totally different…like the whole body is involved. I get that with the allure pearl too I don’t think I have experienced any other kind of orgasm. But the more parts of my body are stimulated the better it feels."

"Not at the moment as I’m rediscovering myself outside of a long term relationship. I’ve experienced all those types of orgasms, except nipple perhaps, but mostly clitoral. Vaginal/cervical for me feels deeper, more emotional, while the others are more physical."

"I do now that I'm older and more experienced. i can have these insane clitoral ones being on top and when we continue having sex it gets so much more intense. It's like a minor earthquake and then the big one hits. I had one so hard my entire body shook like i was cold, but wasn't cold at all. I have literally sobbed after and it was so uncontrollable the man didn't know what was happening. I was standing up and this man put his fingers inside of me and I literally squirted everywhere. I have never ever done that. I soaked the entire floor. I just remember it being an instant rush of pleasure and boom, the flood of the century. I was fooling around with this one man and he was giving me such good nipple play that I almost orgasmed. It was so intense and like nothing I've ever felt, or have felt again.  I am pretty sure I've had vaginal orgasms with my toys only. it's like this intense build up then booom your entire body tenses up so hard your sore for a few days haha. I can't be too sure what kind of orgasm but i know that one feels different then the others. when i had an orgasam doing anal i think it came vaginally i didnt know you could have them anally... can you?"


"This is something that I have been working on the past year or two. I would say sometimes. Generally, clitoral orgasm comes easiest, but also have experienced, vaginal, nipple and anal orgasm. Clitoral feels intense but short lived whereas the vaginal seems more full body and long lasting. Nipple orgasm only happened once and it felt different than anything else, not sure how to describe but very pleasurable. Anal orgasm tends to surprise me but is similar to vaginal orgasm and often can feel sensation vaginally as well as anally."

"I didn't use to orgasm easily, I didn't at all in sex actually in my first experiences untill a good time. But now I do almost every time I have sex and it has got easier for me. But mostly only clitoral orgasms. I have experienced vaginal a couple of times but only while getting fingered. And I wanna practice having more of that both alone and with my partner."


"I orgasm quite easily but I don't experience any other orgasm than clitoral. Although nipple touching gives me incredible pleasure and I enjoy penetration too. Clitoral orgasm feels like a mini explosion specifically located around the clit. It's warm and pretty intense, after the orgasm vaginal muscles contract and pulsate in waves for a while and that is also really pleasurable. Nipple touching sensations... I don't even know how to describe it but it's almost like I can feel it in my teeth. I can become almost immediately aroused from nipple touch. The feeling spreads all over breasts and really intensifies the touching sensations of any other body part. It feels deeper than clitoral pleasure."

"Now I can orgasm quite easily. Funnily enough I thought for like 10 years that I am not even capable of orgasming with a man.  As for how they each feel, I experience different orgasms all the time. Fast clitoral can be kind of just losing some steam and I soon don't even know I had one. If I take longer and better care, maybe stop stimulation before climax a couple times, it can bring me to a whole body experience. It starts in the clitoral area that is really sensitive and somehow releases pressure and becomes pleasurable. But also, I can induce a kind of a wave that goes through the whole body and I think it can be enhanced mentally if you imagine the sense in the clit flowing through the whole body up to your fingers and toes. It takes time and practice but can be pretty amazing.During G-spot and squirting I can almost feel like nothing has happened with the first squirting (I can do it really fast). I learnt it by a mistake when I was only exploring myself in the beginning and since it was not so pleasurable for me and made a mess, I stopped doing it until I found out more from ONNA instagram. Now the longer I practice it in one session, the more pleasurable it becomes. If I combine the G-spot orgasm with clitoral, well that is a complete heaven and I feel like bursting from pleasure. I also have the G-spot orgasm during sex but it does not come with so much squirt, the vaginal area becomes watery but I think it is definitely less then when I actually squirt which I tend to rather stop during sex in bed. I previously thought I can have a vaginal orgasm only with a man, I was very wrong :-D. It is easier with a man and I learnt it with a man but a year ago I had a breakthrough that I can do it solo too :-). As of now, similarly to the G-spot I do not feel it that intensely when it comes the first time. When I first had it with a man, I was not even sure it was an orgasm cause it is really different from clitoral as the main senses are in the vaginal wall and for me it starts to kind of pulsate but I am not sure if it does that every time. Usually the first vaginal orgasm just opens the door to others for me, then it can go into really long ones and again if combined with clitoral when done solo, well I don't think words have been invented for this yet :-D. I still prefer to have it with a man and enjoy the connection to someone else too but it is nice, especially when single, to do what I call a date with myself ;-). I have to be in the mood, also have a lot of time and need to have energy for it. When I am tired, time pressured or not having the place completely for myself, I am not up for it. Nipple or eargasm is fun but I was able to do it usually in the beginning of a relationship and I experience it mainly as a body shivering."

"I don’t. It is hard for me to orgasm clitoral or vaginal solely without stimulation of both. Clitoral feels for me “incomplete”. Vaginal I can’t achieve just from penetration except I am on the edge with arousement. But I love this combination of both clitoral and vaginal orgasms together, it gives me a real relief, especially if I am edging for a long time. Nipple orgasm feels so much feminine, it fills me up with sexual energy for long time. Cervical feels like hitting the special point that moves some energizer inside the whole body. Very beautiful way to connect with a partner. Interesting is that my partner shared how he feels during that time and it is the same feeling, like both bodies fuel up."


"Most of my orgasms have been clitoral and I orgasm pretty  easily  during oral sex. Foreplay plays a big part in me orgasming. I've had a squirting  experience with my ex husband, while we were still trying to save our marriage. I felt it was more like an experiment than a connected sexual experience, so I'm looking forward  to experience that again :)"

"If I’m fully aroused and not stuck in my head and feel desired then I do orgasm fairly easily. I experience clitoral which feels like a quick release of tension, vaginal is a bit more warm and lasting, cervical creates a guttural ache in stomach but good feeling, anal is like a deep full relax and just is so vulnerable but just makes it feel so warm and when it’s anal penetration with clitoral it is a full total body release and usually results in squirting and just feels soo good and sends me into the most relaxed fully body state."

"Clitoral seems to come the fastest for me, usually from oral stimulation.  Believe it or not, when he strokes me using his fingers or hands, I orgasm better and faster than if I were to do it myself.  I think I am in too much of a hurry to achieve orgasm, I don’t take the time to explore and enjoy.  He is the first to give me a vaginal orgasm from penetrative sex.  I orgasm very easily from simultaneous stimulation of vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  Throw in some anal play and the orgasm is over the top.  Other play adds to the orgasm, nipple play, anal play but I have yet to experience an orgasm from single stimulation of just my nipples or my ass, but the pleasure it delightful nonetheless.  Cervical orgasm is on my list and he is open to exploring the possibility."

"I have had a clitoral, vaginal and nipple. They all feel differently, Vaginal orgasms are the most intense one, and they feel very looong. Clitoral are more easy to achieve and less intense, but I really enjoy them. Nipple orgasms feel very similar to the clitoral."

"Sometimes. I’ve experienced clitoral, vaginal & nipple orgasms. Clitoral for me is more about the hyper sensitivity of it. Vaginal, my favorite, I love because I actually feel the build up & then the burst and the following pulsing."

"Yes! I know I'm very lucky to be able to orgasm easily and in multiple ways. So far I've experienced clitoral, vaginal, anal, cervical, from nipple play. It used to cause shame for me because I felt easy, but I relish in the ability my body has to feel pure pleasure. Can't say I have a favourite though. They've all been very potent and intimate. what caught me off guard was the first time I came while I was deep throating someone lol."

"I orgasm very easily. Either vaginal or clitoral. I also orgasm when my nipples are stimulated. That takes a little longer and my partner needs patience. My vaginal orgasms are the most intense. It feels like I am about to explode, I can feel how the warmth spreads in my body and it fills me up completely, and my legs (sometimes my whole body) shake afterwards, and I need some time to recover from that. My clitoral orgasms aren’t as intense but still pretty intense though. I was very surprised when I had an orgasm the first time while my nipples were stimulated. I knew that I liked being touched there but didn’t know that I could come from that."

"I don’t orgasm easily with a partner. On the other hand, really easily by myself."

"No that easily. Still aiming to explore other areas (increase vaginal and discover cervical). So far most of my orgasms are clitoral."

"No, not at all. I feel for me it is very hard to have an orgasm, because of my almost daily pain. If I experience an orgasm it is mostly vaginal, and I like it so much (!). My sexual partner knows about my pain, and he does not expect me to have an orgasm, which makes me feel more relaxed. When I don't have a lot of pain, I sometimes have an orgasm, but for me not to have pain and to relax myself is much more important."

"I orgasm easily but only during  masturbation, it's always clitoris orgasm. With a partner for me it's very hard to achieve orgasm even when I feel extreme pleasure."

"I orgasm very easily through clitoris stimulation.Vaginal orgasm feels more internal and deep, not that intense and obvious as clitorial but more like a big wave. I think the anal orgasms I’ve had always occurred with somehow of clitorial stimulation.I almost had one nipple orgasm one time and that’s something I’d like to explore more. Also whole-body orgasms."


"I usually orgasm easily , when I have a deep connection with my partner the orgasms are more powerful and they’re longer, when I self pleasure yes, easy orgasms all the time, but I love the build up , with or without a partner. Clitoral orgasms : they can feel like they’re not spread over my whole body at times, it can feel like only my vulva is climaxing. If I do just clitoral stimulation tantra style with edging , breathing and I concisely focus on the energy I”ll have such a powerful and super long orgasm , so strong it feels like you’re dying and I’m almost fainting from those, they feel like a waterfall of pleasure from head till toe. Vaginal orgasms/cervical orgasms : I’m not sure if I’ve had stronger vaginal orgasms and / or cervical orgasms, in any case those types of orgasms feel like they’re covering my whole body every time, at different levels of intensity. Vaginal orgasms from fingering feel different than vaginal (or maybe cervical) orgasms from penis or toy penetration for me. From fingering I feel a strong short peak followed by a light tingling sensation throughout the entire body, and I feel like the hottest point of the orgasm is at the vaginal opening, but not very deep, it’s a softer orgasm compared to one from penis or toy penetration and doesn’t last as long.  With penis or toy penetration the orgasms feel again like you’re dying , these ones start in the belly though , and you feel like they happen deep into your body, they’re visceral, they’re very strong, they last super long and I feel that sensation of being full combined with waves that have a stronger pressure spreading throughout my entire body You forget what year it is after one of those Anal orgasm : Nope, haven’t had one of those yet."

"I'm a sloooooooow burner. Don't come fast or easy. I mean I still enjoy it and can be fine not coming "deep". 

I can come from clitorial wich feels like a balloon slowly building up in your Venus mountain (or more a balloon of feeling expanding but also engulfing once onsides from the clitoris) and going deep in the body until it burst and it apparently was a warm water balloon and the relaxation release is intense afterwards. And with this all the other muscles "spasms" before and on release. 

Vaginal it just feels like the vagina goes super Saiyan and you unlock invincible mode. Everything feels soooo much and it's kinda mind blown. Until I either squirt a little (no control...yet) or/and it all nums out for a second to explode in "sensation" and then everything is too much for a couple of seconds feeling like eternity. And spasms with every milli movement."

"I find it easy to orgasm and have multiple. I’ve experienced energy orgasms, anal orgasms, breast-gasms, exercise-orgasms, g-spot, cervical and clitoral orgasms. Eye gazing can send me over the edge and sometimes into a crying orgasm. I have an energetic erotic blueprint and have had lots of fun exploring energetic orgasms over the years, their effects are like lighting a candle within me that glows throughout my body. 

The cervical orgasms I’ve had are awe-inspiring, shoot-me-out-into-the-universe experiences that remind me I’m made up of sexual and life force energy in a human body. I feel inspired to create and just Be. 

I mostly experience g-spot/internal orgasms and combine them with clitoral stimulation. They power me with so much sexual energy that I like to edge and expand my pleasure before an orgasm. When I squirt and gush it gives me an emotional release that leaves me feeling lighter, alive and in love with life."

"If I am aroused by my partner, yes. Generally the act and climax is much later than the ideas I begin to fantasize about.  If my partner is doing something outside of bed that is compatible or enhances what turns me on about him, I will be fantasizing. When I am being penetrated I also feel like I am being clitorally stimulated/position myself so I can enjoy penetration and clitoral stimulation or my partner also touches my clit. When I squirt, it does not coincide exactly with the apex of my orgasm, and it feels more like waves of release and I am surprised at the power with which it exits my body. When I masturbate, I tend to only stimulate my clitoris-- I don't get as wet to enjoy penetration when I am flying solo." 

"Didn’t think I did until I stopped using my vibrator and learned to relax. And now I’m very easily orgasmic. I mostly experience clitoral and anal orgasms as I don’t have a vagina or cervix. I get a few different kinds of clitoral ones, my favorites are when my stomach feels like it drops out and I know I’m going to cum and there’s no stopping it. There’s an intense almost I’m about to sneeze sensation in my clit (mostly down the sides) that I love more than orgasm, honestly. I stay here as long as I can and then my body will explode with convulsions. I need a break after these. I also orgasm clitorally where it’s waves of intense pleasure where I squirt at the peak and then instantly go back to almost orgasm and orgasm and squirt again. This is usually when I’m getting eaten. Anal ones are not as intense and I can take back to back to back. They feel deep and ripple through my legs differently than a clitoral. Nipples won’t make me cum but they make me squirt and are essential to my arousal."

"Menopause has been a libido killer in some ways but it’s also given me the chance to explore with sensations and breathing and building up expectation in between. I ejaculate easily if the person knows where to touch me and if his penis gets to that spot. I orgasm via the clitoris which I love and I’ve also had a vaginal orgasm once or twice. I could orgasm from nipple touching but since my breast augmentation that’s not possible anymore."

"Nope. Hate to say that I'm still addicted to my vibrator. Using my Onna wand now to explore internal pleasure, plus I'm learning to use only fingers on my clit but I'm finding it quite challenging to rewire my brain! I've experienced 2 or 3 internal orgasms so I know it's possible."

"I do not orgasm easily.  I do find that the more foreplay there is, the more "ready" I am definitely helps me.  I mostly experience clitoral and anal with a partner, and vaginal/cervical using toys.  I'm still learning what/how I'm capable of, and will continue to do so."

"Never had an orgasm so far :( (Working on it with help from your account though). I think my blockage is that I can’t fully surrender/let go. I am very much in my head and unconsciously afraid of losing control."

"I don’t orgasm easily at all. I get distracted very easily (ADHD) and then have trouble getting back into it. I have only been able to orgasm clitorally and mostly done by myself. Bed partners usually didn’t have enough patience or skills or I lost interest in it. When I was younger and figuring out my body I visualized it as a rose that started to grow and have a bud and the flower bursting open as I had my orgasm. I usually feel it as waves build up. I think I actually like the last two waves of pleasure before I actually orgasm best. The orgasm itself is like an explosion (sometimes a tiny one, sometimes huge). The orgasm doesn’t last that long usually, but my clit does stay sensitive for a while. I haven’t been able to have multiple orgasms yet.

"Clitorally I orgasm quite easily; I did experiment with vibrating toys a lot, liked them when I was younger but after a while found them to be overstimulating and they kill your sensibility. Stopped using them to build up natural sensations. Had never orgasmed vaginally before I got my Onna Allure Pearl (but finally have and I orgasm every single time with it!). Your g spot orgasm guides have been extremely helpful. Extremely curious to find out how my sensations have changed next time I have partnered sex!"

"Clitoral is easy, especially if I am in charge, and vaginal in the right position. Clitoral is like a little mini explosion of energy and vaginal fills up my whole core. I am currently dealing with some loss of sensitivity and the Onna Allure is a dream come true helping me rediscover myself."

"I do orgasm easily, which sometimes was a problem, unfortunately. Nipple orgasms feel edgy and kind of "nervous"; vaginal orgasms are so different! But mostly like high tide, with waves of different heights. Clitoral orgasms are like flames and lightning."




"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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