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Article: Nipple Pleasure and Orgasms

Nipple Pleasure and Orgasms ONNA

Nipple Pleasure and Orgasms


nipple orgasms



Women's orgasmic potential is infinite. Our bodies are truly magical, with an endless number of erotogenic zones. However, most women aren’t aware that their nipples and breasts hold orgasmic power too. Only a very small portion of women have experienced an orgasm that starts and radiates from their nipples.


Nipples are one of the most erogenous zones on the body, and with their 800 nerve endings and closeness to the heart, nipple play is something to you don't want to miss out on. You probably already enjoy having your breasts massaged, and your nipples licked or sucked.

And it isn't all that surprising. Clitoral, vaginal stimulation and nipple stimulation (and the big toe!!!) activate the same places in the brain. We wrote about this research on how orgasms show up in your brain a few weeks ago in our newsletter.

Ancient Taoist texts encourage men to use their mouths on their partner's nipples in order to help her relax her body and the mind so that she is fully ready for penetration.
Read about the importance of woman's arousal in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the five sings she needs to show before she is sufficiently prepared for a pleasurable penetration here.

Scientifically, stimulating the nipples results in the release of the chemical oxytocin which encourages relaxation and bonding.

Even if your nipples currently feel numb, or you are not feeling much of anything there, you can change their sensual reaction over time. The key to awakening your breasts' orgasmic potential and experiencing nipple orgasmic bliss is loving them, spending more time massaging them and giving them more attention, not just in the bedroom.



Take time to experiment and try different techniques, different types, and intensity of touches. Often the more delicate and lighter touches will produce stronger sensations. 

Start gradually from massaging the entire breast, slowly moving to the nipple. Go from  lighter to hard, figuring out and staying with what feels best


- light brushing over the surface with the fingertips or feather
- gentle scratching
- massaging the areola with a wet finger in a circular motion
-firm pinching and twisting the nipple between two wet fingers
- oral action: licking, lapping, sucking, blowing on the nipple
- penis on nipple or clitoris on nipple play can induce mindblowing sensations

Personal tip: ask your partner to use constant suction in combination with licks and tongue flicks over the nipple.

  Play with textures. You or your partner can stimulate your nipples either directly with some oil or through a very soft piece of silk-like cloth. Don't use any estrogenic oil; organic coconut or almond oil are your best friends.

Try temperature play: warm mouth, ice cubes (stay away from the mint and chili experiments, it can get painful pretty quickly)

Keep an open mind when it comes to experiencing different sensations. Just like with any other orgasm, do not focus on whether it's coming. The more you focus on something, the more you block it from happening. And on the other hand, the more you relax, the more pleasure you can feel. Just enjoy the moment and the sensations for what they are.

Don't forget your orgasm starts in your brain, and the greatest aphrodisiac is mutual desire and intimacy. Dirty talk, moaning, eye contact, passionate kissing, and licking will intensify all your sensations and will increase the likelihood of extended and orgasmic pleasure.

Your nipples might be more sensitive at certain times of the month. Most women report that its easier for them to climax through nipple stimulation right before or during their period.

While your partner is licking and sucking on your breasts, imagine your nipple is your clitoris (or a penis if you are a guy). This mental syncing of two body parts can be very powerful in creating pleasure and moving it from one part of the body to the other.

Regular time with your breasts and nipples is not just for early cancer detection. Get curious about them, spend more time with them, think about them lovingly. To connect to those nerves and sensations in your breasts and to turn them on, massage them every day for 10 minutes. You can use our favourite massage oil and your hands or our Guasha massage tool. Guasha breast massage keeps the breast tissue healthy and firm, eliminates toxins by promoting lymphatic drainage, and the cold stone feels incredible pressed against the nipple.




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