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We often get asked about the difference between our gemstone toys and our glass toys.


The two main differences would be price and your affinity to crystal healing.

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing only the top-quality pleasure products made of high-end and body-safe materials - carefully selected gemstones, hand-blown borosilicate glass, hand-crafted porcelain, and 100% stainless steel. 

All our products are made of natural materials as an alternative to 

 plastic, rubber, silicone, or latex dildos and vibrators that often contain toxic BPAs and phthalates, which are known to disrupt the endocrine system.

All products are masterfully hand-crafted for women who want to go deeper and slowly explore and discover all ranges of subtle sensations their body is capable of feeling.



Our glass toys are the more affordable option while still individually hand-blown from premium quality medical grade borosilicate glass. We wanted to design a range of high-quality products that can be accessible to everyone. 

Glass pleasure toys are the most exquisite examples of luxury sex toys. They are classy and can be displayed as a piece of art.

Glass is perfectly silky smooth, completely non-porous, deliciously hard and easy to clean, and low maintenance. If cared for correctly and carefully, they will last a lifetime. 

Unlike silicon and plastic toys, they are great for temperature play. Glass is also one of the most recyclable materials globally, making glass toys better for the environment.

Our glass toys are annealed at specific temperatures and times to ensure the most durable and most stable glass, unlike other cheaper, mass-produced sex toys. 



Gemstone toys are wonderful for those who want to infuse their self-care and self-pleasure practice with the element of crystal healing.

Gemstone wands have gained popularity, but it is important to note that not all gemstones are made the same. There are many gemstone toys out there that are not suitable for vaginal use. Many stones like rose quartz and amethyst are naturally prone to cracking and chipping, and additionally, they might go through a process of quench crackling. Which means that the stones are heated and put into water to create microcracks and then submerged into dye solutions so that the cracks absorb more colour.

We work exclusively with the most durable stones, which are body-safe, non-porous, and that do not chip or break easily in their natural state.

Gemstone toys are polished smooth and can also be used for temperature play.

Since they are entirely natural, each piece will be unique in shape, colour, and pattern. There may be minor imperfections and inclusions that are completely natural. Thus the appearance of each toy is different, and your toy may not look like the one in the shop picture.


Here are some of the properties of the three stones we use:


Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is powerfully protective and shields against physical and emotional negativity. Obsidian helps you understand who you are, helps you identify outdated behavioural patterns, and clears them by dissolving emotional blockages and ancient traumas, bringing depth and clarity to the emotions.


White Marble

Marble is viewed as a stone of potential. It is said to promote deep states of meditation. Other abilities assigned to marble include self-control, serenity, and inner peace.


Pink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine is said to work with the Higher-Heart Chakra and can impart a wonderful sense of well-being. It is a very calming stone that can help gain an understanding of one's role in life situations and remove feelings of helplessness and being stuck. It brings lightness to life and a sense of self-acceptance.

"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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