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Article: Crystal Sex Toys are the most luxury self-care pleasure product

Crystal Sex Toys are the most luxury self-care pleasure product ONNA

Crystal Sex Toys are the most luxury self-care pleasure product

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There are many incredible self-care products on the market these days. The world is exploding with organic bath bombs, salt scrubs, meditation apps, healthy recipe books, snack subscription boxes and much more!

We believe that the best self-care product for a woman is one of embodiment - a product that nourishes a woman’s senses, connects her to her body and relaxes her fully. Fantastic orgasms are just a cherry on the top of an already delicious pleasure cake. A perfect self-care product will reduce anxiety, improve physical health, reconnect to the body as well as inspire creativity, love and beauty. Self-care for us is all about PLEASURE.

Our most important sexual relations is with the self. When one understands their own eroticsm and body, s/he can bring this knowledge into the bedroom with a partner. Onna toys are meant to fully relax the body, release tension, open the body to feeling more pleasure and retrain an orgasmic sensitivity.

Gemstone pleasure toys are the highest form of luxury and self-care:


Each Onna gemstone toy is masterfully sculpted for pleasure, carefully chosen to compliment a woman’s sexual need. Their polished smooth surface allows for effortless glide and penetration. The toys are literally rock-hard, providing hours of uninterrupted sensations. 
The toys quickly adapt to internal body temperature and retain warmth for a long time. When used, the gemstone feels warm and cozy.
Onna toys are wonderful as body massage tools. With slow massage of the pressure points, tension is relieved from strained muscles. CURVE toy is specially designed for pressing into the muscle blockages and for yoni self-massage.


Most people are used to a goal-oriented sex, solo or with a partner, where a quickly-achieved orgasm is the objective. Commercial vibrators tend to overstimulate the genitals. Women often develop a dependency on vibrators as their sole provider of orgasms.
Orgasming exclusively from a vibrator means one’s sexual experience is limited. There is a risk that, eventually, sex becomes unsatisfactory for a woman unless a vibrator is involved. Some women may feel inadequate or broken if unable to orgasm without the vibrating toy, often faking pleasure when making love with a partner.
Goal of gemstone non-vibrating toys is to cultivate the ability to feel all sensations, rather than just the intense ones. Playing with an Onna toy is like having sex with a great lover - slow, patient, deep and nurturing.
Using non-vibrating toys means spending more time touching oneself, exploring the inside of the vagina, learning to relax the body/mind while gently seducing the body to an orgasmic experience. This type of masturbation is nurturing for the female body and orgasms tend to be more intense!
Women require proper time to fully arouse their body, relax their mind and open their heart. A woman learns to tune into how her body feels and when it is ready to be penetrated. Gemstone sex toys draw-out pleasure from the body slowly and naturally, cultivating a new relationship between body and orgasm.

Pleasure and orgasms from non-vibrating toys is the sustainable solution to long-term libido and relationships.


Many pleasure toys on the market these days are created with chemical materials, infused with toxic colouring and wax. Gemstones are a natural occurring material. Onna toys are handcrafted of 100% natural gemstone and crystal. Onna toys are never glued from separate pieces (as many cheaper/fake versions are). Each piece is carved from one solid block of gemstone. They are non-toxic, vegan, waterproof, safe to use with lubricant, body oil & condoms.
We pride ourselves in working directly with the craftsmen who create our products. We carefully choose the most beautiful and durable gemstones from around the globe.

Gemstones have been a symbol of luxury for centuries - worn by royalty as jewellery and clothing accessories; used in ornaments and art; presented as gifts to the high-ranking families. Prised for their high value, crystals and gemstones are a symbol of prosperity, culture and status. 
All crystals and gemstones are unique in shape, colour and pattern. There are no imperfections nor faults in the stones. Rather, each piece tells its own story.
Since every stone is unique and each toy is custom-made, there aren’t two alike. Each toy is special, just like you. By purchasing a gemstone sex toy, a woman acquires a unique, one-of-a-king sexual art object.

There is a lot of research about the metaphysical properties of gemstones however Onna Lifestyle use these toys for non-spiritual and non-energetic reasons.
Everything in the Universe is energy, vibrating at a certain frequency and this includes you! Emotions and thoughts also have their own vibration and these can vibrate out of balance during times of stress and emotional turmoil. Crystals have been used across the globe, for their healing properties by traditional medicines such as Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
Crystals consist of molecules arranged in a highly structured geometric patterns with each molecule vibrating at the same rate as all the others, in resonant unison. Through resonating with your body’s energy, crystals can help restore equilibrium in your vibrational energetic field.
Whatever your reasons are behind using gemstone pleasure toys, we hope that you are using them for maximum benefit and self-care!

"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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