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Article: Are Gays Having Better Sex than Heterosexuals?

Gay Sex vs Straight Sex, Are Gays Having Better Sex than Heterosexuals? ONNA

Are Gays Having Better Sex than Heterosexuals?

There is a common consensus that homosexuals are having better sex than straight couples. How and why this is so, you are are about to find out.

Remember the famous William Masters and Virginia Johnson who researched sex in the 1960’s? This couple was decades ahead of their time with all the saucy research they were bringing to the scientific community.

Some of Masters & Johnson most controversial work has been on homosexual sex. In 1979 they published "Homosexuality in Perspective”, based on two decades of research observing homosexual/heterosexual couples and strangers having sex in their laboratory. The medical team concentrated on two types of sex:

SATISFACTORY SEX - skilful & efficient sex where couples climax most of the time

AMAZING SEX - where couples loose themselves in pleasure for hours at a time while making love


Guess which couples were having “Amazing Sex” the most???
Gay & Lesbian couples!

How come?

Simply put, homosexual men and women feel more comfortable with each other during sex. Most importantly, when it comes to making love, homosexual couples communicate more than straight couples.

Masters & Johnson coined this occurrence "gender empathy" - the full understanding of your partner's body/mind, because you have the same one.

During Masters & Johnson research study, numerous heterosexual women evidenced little pleasure during sex, communicating this discomfort to the researchers instead of their husbands. This further proves the common experience of women allowing sex to happen to them rather than taking a proactive role in it and claiming their pleasure. Most would rather fake an orgasm than speak up or guide their partner.

Often heterosexual sex rests on assumption, shared by both sexes, that men are leaders. The burden of sexual performance rests solely on the man often with a goal-oriented achievement of an orgasm. Man is expected to skilfully seduce, turn-on and get off his woman every time all the while maintaining a hard erection.

Heterosexual women, on the other hand, take on a more passive role in sex. They expect to be turned on and brought to orgasm often assuming their lack of pleasure as their lack of sexual abilities.

Vibrant sex life lives outside the comfort zone. It is exploratory, risk-taking, curious, adventurous. When one places themselves in a tight box of gender expectations, most opportunities for sexual exploration and novelty close up.

Unlike heterosexual couples, homosexual couples often play outside the gender norms. Orgasm isn’t the primary focus, neither is strict roles of passive/submissive.

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The main difference between straight and homosexual couples' sex is that the straight couples tend to have a goal in mind - to get their partner to orgasm. The entire sexual activity is thus skilfully acted out to fulfil the goal. If the goal is not reached, sex is considered a failure.

No wonder then, that heterosexual women struggle with the pressure to orgasm while men stress about performance anxiety. Both parties are on an ‘Orgasm Mission Impossible’.

When chasing an orgasm, one forgets to enjoy the present moment.

Pleasure lives in the present moment.

On average, while the main act of heterosexual sex is penetration, homosexual couples spend more time on foreplay. These couples have sex for longer periods of time, with more teasing & touch stimulation.

While straight couples tend to loose themselves in their own experience, often with their eyes closed, homosexual couples involve themselves in their partner’s pleasure and get off to it together.
Have you decided to go gay yet?

Sleeping with the opposite sex means not truly understanding their sexual experience and bodily needs.Without the right communication, having sex with someone of the opposite sex is kind of like having sex with an alien.

It’s the blind fucking the blind.

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For example, straight women tend to concentrate solely on their lovers' penises while gay men ravish their lovers’ entire bodies.

Location Location Location.

Heterosexual men, on the other hand, are usually too rough and too fast while making love. In fact, the most common feedback women have for their male partners is to slow down. On the other side of the gender spectrum, women are usually too gentle when it comes to handling their man’s sexy bits.

lesbian couple


While the homosexuals are at a general sexual advantage, the gender empathy gap is not the only decisive factor of quality sex. We are way past the 1970's. What this research shows us is the importance of COMMUNICATION between lovers when it comes to sex.

Thankfully, these days sex is penetrating our daily conversations. Lovers are stepping outside the gender expectations when making love.

Thus, you’ve got two ways to improve your sex life: go gay or communicate. Your choice!

Make a commitment to yourself to be honest about your feelings & experiences when making love. Share with your lovers what you like, what you crave, what turns you on.

Great sex life is in YOUR hands and in YOUR mind!

Remember, your lover cannot read your mind.

Share your mind, share your touch.

Honest communication is key to understanding each other’s needs.

Always in the Mood for Love,
The O-Team

PS. There is a Netflix series about William Masters and Virginia Johnson called "Masters of Sex". Check it out! Its really great!

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