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Article: The A-Spot – How to Find and Stimulate It

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The A-Spot – How to Find and Stimulate It

Technically known as AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone, this pleasure point is located deep inside the vagina between the cervical protrusion and the bladder.

The A-spot is a deep erogenous zone that was discovered in 1993 by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a medical doctor who found it during his research on vaginal dryness. You will find it at the back of the vagina on the anterior wall, between the G-spot and the cervix  just above the cervical protrusion, at the very end of the vaginal canal.

Stimulation of the A-spot can increase vaginal lubrication and bring on multiple orgasms. Unlike the G-spot, only light massaging and gentle tapping of the vaginal wall is needed.

And just like with the G-spot, it is more of a zone than just a spot. It covers a larger area further into the vagina, filled with a number of nerves responsible for pleasure.

The best part is that the A-spot can be stimulated repeatedly (even after orgasm as it doesn't get overly sensitive like the clitoris), so continued stimulation can lead to multiple and/or continuous orgasms. Yay.


female pleasure anatomy


The A-Spot is located at the back of the vaginal canal, on the front wall (the wall facing up towards your belly button) just before the cervical protrusion.  It can be difficult to reach just with the fingers. You can try using your fingers first, but it might be easier to use a longer toy. The best pleasure wand to use for the A-Spot stimulation is a longer curved wand so that you can reach area while still having enough handle to hold onto. Both Onna Awaken or  deep penetration dildo Allure are long and curved enough to reach the A-Spot.


Make sure you are well lubricated before inserting your fingers or a toy/pleasure wand. You will be going quite deep, and without proper lubrication, it might feel rather uncomfortable. You can always use lube. Once you start stimulating the A-spot, you might notice an increase in natural lubrication pretty quickly.

You can start with your fingers to help locate your A-Spot before using a toy. Find your G-spot first and then move 2-3 inches past it. Use upward pressure towards your belly as you move closer to the cervix. When you finger locates your cervix, move your finger a centimeter or two directly upward from the cervical opening.

The A-Spot does not have that ridgy feel that the G-spot does. It may feel a little more rubbery or not feel all that different from the rest of the vaginal walls. 

Try using gentle pressure, circular upward motion, or firm but slow tapping. 

Stimulating the A-Spot feels different from the sensations you get when massaging the G-Spot. Instead of that needing to pee like sensation, since the A spot is not located arounds the urethra, it can be similar to the dull ache that is experienced with too much cervical pressure.

It's normal if you notice you are extra wet. Research by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, who discovered the A Spot, has shown that stimulating the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone can increase female sexual response and lubrication. This makes a regular A-Spot stimulation beneficial for women who have troubles self-lubricating and women going through menopause.

We recommend exploring with your fingers and toys first before wanting to try with a partner. A-Spot stimulation requires deep penetration (longer toys) and some angling skills. Use pillows if you need to, to find the right angle.

aspot zone

Additional tips:

  1. Try A-Spot stimulation with a hand placed above your mons pubis. When you push down, you'll stimulate those spots in two directions, which can increase your pleasure. 
  2. To get the most out of your experience, Dr. Chua Chee Ann recommends simultaneously stimulating other parts of the vagina. You can try stimulating your clitoris or even your anus while you are stimulating your A-spot.
  3. You can ask your partner to use their finger/s or a toy to help you locate the A-Spot.
  4. The A-spot can also be stimulated during sexual penetration with a penis. An upward curving penis works best. Some positions will facilitate stimulating this area better than others and will work with noncurved penises too when angled upwards. The Missionary, Woman sitting on top and positions where you are penetrated from behind all aid in deeper penetration and might help hit the right spot. 


What does A-Spot orgasm feel like? We asked some of you and these were your responses:
"I get really strong pleasurable waves throughout my body." 
"It feels completely different from the g-spot orgasm. This feels more like a full release. It's like my entire body starts melting."

"It feels a lot deeper and comes with an emotional release. Sometimes, I start crying, but it's not sadness."



female pleasure anatomy



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