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Article: TEN non-spiritual reasons why gemstone pleasure toys are amazing

TEN non-spiritual reasons why gemstone pleasure toys are amazing ONNA

TEN non-spiritual reasons why gemstone pleasure toys are amazing

aventurine pleasure wand

Anywhere you look on the internet, someone is boasting about crystal healing. Not only can you decorate your home with crystals, you can wear them, infuse water with them, smoke from them and even put them up your vagina. Naturally, crystal sex toys are all the rage these days. Promising trauma healing, financial abundance, emotional forgiveness and dream manifestations with a crystal dildo seems far fetched to some. Thankfully, not all brands promote gemstone pleasure toys as an energetic healing answer to the world’s problems. Onna Lifestyle uses these toys for completely different reasons.

Many modern women have an anxious masturbation habit. Masturbation is done for the sole reason of a quick orgasm release, often with the help of a vibrator. Most women do not penetrate their vagina during masturbation, concentrating only on stimulating the clitoris. This practice means that women explore only a small portion of their body’s pleasure potential.

A woman’s masturbation habit is mirrored in her love-making with a partner. When she is used to an intense vibrating stimulation and a quick orgasm result, her body expects the same sensations from a lover. Inability to feel the same leads to a risk of feeling frustrated, inadequate and having unfulfilling sex. One of the first steps in becoming an orgasmic woman is to change the masturbation habit by shelving the vibrator and exploring the body at a slower pace, with an non-vibrating sex toy while using hands to stimulate oneself.

Onna Lifestyle women are doing exactly that!

Here are 10 non-spiritual reasons why gemstone pleasure toys are amazing:

  1. RELAXATION: Using non-vibrating toys means spending more time touching oneself, exploring the inside of the vagina, learning to relax the body/mind while gently seducing the body to an orgasmic experience. This type of masturbation is nurturing for the female body and orgasms tend to be more intense!
  2. WARMTH: Stones are natural conductors of heat. They adjust to body temperature within seconds and retain warmth for hours making them soothing and comforting to use.
  3. SMOOTH OPERATOR: Gemstone toys are polished to a smooth perfection so they glide easily without irritating the vagina like rubber/plastic toys do. They are perfect for exploring penetration and will not hurt the vagina if used for a long period of time.
  4. LOVERS: Women require proper time to fully arouse their body, relax their mind and open their heart. Gemstone toys are a fantastic practice for partner sex. A woman learns to tune into how her body feels and when it is ready to be penetrated. An aroused juicy vagina experiences more pleasure!
  5. FEELINGS: Vibrators are a great emotional distraction. When women take proper time to make love to themselves, they often become aware of their emotions. Allowing oneself to fully FEEL whatever comes up is healing and empowering. Crying or laughing after an intense orgasm is totally normal and incredibly freeing!
  6. ROCK HARD: Gemstones are literally rock hard - a perfect massage tool! When used in a weekly self-massage practice, gemstone toys will gently de-armour and de-stress the vagina. Silicone/rubber toys are not hard enough to massage the the vagina. They tend to bend.
  7. PLEASURE: We live in an over-achiever society obsessed with sex and orgasms. We judge the quality of sex based on whether orgasm happens or not. People are addicted to the 8 second orgasmic high. With non-vibrating toys a woman is able to concentrate on pleasure rather an orgasm learning that every mall wave of pleasure is an orgasmic experience.
  8. BODY ERGONOMICS: Exploring the vagina with fingers is not always convenient nor comfortable. There is an expectation for a female pleasure toy to be shaped like a penis however female pleasure potential is limitless and should not be contained within a phallus. Gemstone toys are ergonomically crafted with perfect curvature and ample reach so you can lay back, relax and get yourself off. Onna CURVE has been specially designed for self-massage while Onna PEARL has a yummy bulb on the end to tap on the G-spot.
  9. WEIGHT OF LOVE: The weight of the stone feels amazing inside the vagina. Just sliding the toy inside and stimulating the clitoris to orgasm is a cosmic experience. When using non-vibrating toys, women often discover how little friction they require in order to feel pleasure. Sometimes just feeling fulfilled by a toy is enough.
  10. MINIMALISM: Gemstone toys are created from ONE material. High quality gemstone toys are non-toxic, all natural, waterproof & allergy-free. No chargers, no cords, no batteries. They can be used with any lubricant or body oil. They are easy to clean. Unlike other materials a gemstone toy can last decades without wearing down.

Every woman chooses her own tools for pleasure and reasons behind it. Crystals have been used for centuries, across the globe, for their healing properties by traditional medicine systems.

We simply say, there is more to crystal toy benefits than their metaphysical properties!  While some are using gemstone sex toys for their spiritual reputation, you don’t have to!

Go and love yourself more!


aventurine pleasure wand


"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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