Aphrodisiac Toothpaste Duo Pack


This Aphrodisiac toothpaste bundle contains 2 toothpastes: Aphrodisiac Toothpaste for Her, Jasmine + Mint and Aphrodisiac Toothpaste for Him, Cardamom + Mint.


KISS ME: Your body craves the sensation of desire! Inspired by aromatherapy research findings, this aphrodisiac toothpaste was designed to both, care for your oral health and boost libido. The main ingredients featured in both types of toothpaste work in synergy so couples feel closer and more attracted to each other. When used together, this toothpaste produces a stimulating aroma and increases arousal and desire. Make sure to wake up early to reap the benefits of your new oral care routine.

When used regularly, You&Oil oral care products offer noticeable teeth whitening, enamel strengthening, and fresh breath. Free from harmful ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate or fluoride, these oral care products are safe, healthy, and beneficial for use on a daily basis!

Increase libido, encourage arousal, and enhance sensation. Effectively whiten, strengthen and protect teeth.

Increased sex drive and enhanced sensations. Noticeably whiter teeth, stronger enamel, and fresh breath. Prevention of cavity formation.

Adults from 18 years old, couples.

VOLUME: 2x 70g



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