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Article: The pleasure spot you most likely haven't heard about

The pleasure spot you most likely haven't heard about

The pleasure spot you most likely haven't heard about

When talking about sex and pleasure, various pleasure spots are frequently mentioned. You've most likely heard everyone talk about the usual suspects: the clitoris, the G-spot, the A-spot, the nipples.


And just as likely, you probably have yet to hear of the PS- spot.

The Perineal sponge (or the PS-spot, PS-sponge) has taken a backseat when it comes to the orgasm and pleasure debate. It is one of the least known and explored pleasure hotspots that most people do not know about.


Often overshadowed in discussions about orgasm and pleasure that women can experience, this very rarely mentioned structure holds the potential to revolutionize one's understanding and experience of pleasure.

Nestled discreetly beneathe the skin in the area between the vaginal canal and the rectum, the perineal sponge is a delicately intricate cushion of erectile tissue. Much like its more famous counterparts, the clitoris, and penis, this sponge becomes engorged with blood during arousal, heightening sensitivity and responsiveness. Since it has a highly concentrated amount of nerve endings, stimulating, touching and caressing the perineal sponge can feel amazing and enhance your pleasure and orgasmic experience.


Understanding the Perineal Sponge:

The perineal sponge serves as a nexus of sensation, offering a pathway to intensified pleasure and potentially enhancing orgasmic experiences. While its role in sexual gratification remains underexplored, emerging anecdotal evidence  also suggests its involvement in phenomena such as female ejaculation, colloquially known as "squirting." Stimulating the perineal sponge may not only expedite the journey to climax but also prolong and deepen arousal and pleasurable sensations, opening new avenues for erotic exploration.


PS sponge


How to stimulate the PS-Sponge:

Unlocking the potential of the perineal sponge involves both internal and external approaches, offering a versatile spectrum of pleasure-inducing techniques. Internally, direct stimulation can be achieved through manual manipulation using a finger or curved pleasure wands like the Onna Curve, Blaze or Drop, Instead of focusing towards the anterior vaginal wall (directing the curve of the wand upwards), as with G-spot and A-spot stimulation, pressure is applied in the opposite direction, towards the posterior aspect of the body and the anus (turning the curve of the toy downwards, away from the belly button)

Alternatively, internal stimulation through the anus presents another avenue for accessing the perineal sponge's responsive erectile tissue. Gentle pressure directed towards the belly can evoke or intensify pleasurable sensations and potentially enhance sexual gratification.

Externally, the perineal sponge can be engaged through targeted pressure on the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus, using various implements such as fingers, knuckles, or even a tongue. This external approach allows for a broader spectrum of tactile exploration, enriching the sensory experience and deepening intimacy.


A great way to bring more blood flow and arousal into the vagina is to stretch the area back towards the anus and hold while breathing deeply. When engorged with arousal and massaged, this area can lead to powerful orgasms. 


Learning and exploring all these various spots takes mindfulness and time. Not all of the pleasure spots will be your cup of tea. And even if some are not, you hopefully find others that are during the exploration process. 


The Journey of Exploration:

Trying perineal sponge stimulation will require patience, mindfulness, and a spirit of discovery. While this hidden pleasure hotspot holds transformative potential for many, individual responses may vary. What brings fireworks for one may elicit mere whispers of sensation for another or nothing at all, and that's perfectly okay. Sexual exploration is a deeply personal voyage, marked by the exploration of diverse pleasure spots and the discovery of what resonates most profoundly with each individual.

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