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erotica couple

I could sense his eyes piercing through me before I saw him. As he walked up, I felt the weight of his space before he entered mine. He grabbed my hips and spun me around with the same familiar force and power that he had at 18. He was thicker than I remembered. Taller. More handsome. He looked into my eyes hungrily. The rush of emotion and sensations that I felt back then, I felt now. A wonderfully wild butterfly in the pit of my stomach and an extra beat in my heart. Blood surged to my pussy. I lost my mind in his eyes, his cheekbones, hair. I wasn’t listening. I was watching the way his lips moved. Wondering what they tasted like now.

‘Huh?’ I asked ‘Hi’, I smirked and looked deep into him.
He smiled and his eyes lit up bigger than just a second ago.
‘ I was saying, do you remember the last time we saw each other?’ he said.

Oh do I remember the days filled with nothing but time. The endless nights, alcohol scented breath, sweaty bodies, wandering eyes, tan skin, hot days, no worries or hurries. How could I forget where we were together last. We could make each other laugh, we could play, we could flirt... but all we ever wanted to do was fuck. And, that’s exactly what we’d do.

I drifted off, reminiscing and at the same time praying he’d slip his hands down my jeans to feel how wet I was.
He started asking questions that I didn’t care to answer. I didn’t want to talk about what’s new, I didn't want to talk about where I’ve been. Whom I’m with. What I have now.

For one night, all I wanted was what I had back then. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to ravage my neck and suck on my tits. I wanted to take off his belt and make my way down to his cock and worship it the way it deserved. Just one more taste. I wanted him. I needed him.

Minutes went by. We sipped on tequila, eyes locked and not letting go. The crowded bar wasn’t loud anymore. It was white noise. With every sip we got closer, with every laugh we touched more, every smirk made us ravenous for one another. The heat between my thighs was almost unbearable now.

He spoke with a deep and almost desperate tone. ‘Where are you staying tonight?’, it sounded like an advance.
‘At the hotel down the street’ accepting, begging, pleading inside for him to stay with me.

Without a word, we slipped away. Nothing else and no one else mattered. Our bodies led us. The city was quiet, making way. I was wrapped in his arms and carried to where there was nowhere else I’d rather be. Without words we both knew where we were going, we knew what we were about to do. We were safe for just a brief moment ….so we took it.

We weren’t alone in the hotel elevator.
The air was hot and thick with desire and I could tell he was starting to salivate.
The doors opened with a resounding ‘DING’ and I tore out.
My legs moved me forward only to feel him push aside my coat and slip his hand halfway into the top of my jeans, yanking me back towards him. One arm swooped around my waist and the other over my shoulder, his fingers now getting a good handful of hair. He tilted my head exposing my neck and collar bone. I could feel his stiff cock bulging through his jeans. His lips met my skin first, then his tongue and then his teeth. Sucking and biting, sucking biting, lips grazing from my ears to the nape of my neck. I thought I was going to scream. I wanted to collapse right there in the hallway. ‘Don’t stop’ I pleaded.

I lead him to my room. His hands and body engulfed me.

Before the latch could even lock back into place he pushed into me. Grabbing my face and kissing me hard and long. His tongue wet and warm, I bit his lip and teased him with my mouth. Taking breaks to look into his now fiercely alluring eyes. I licked his neck and nibbled at his ears. He groaned and squeezed my hips and ass harder. Ferociously. Eager and wanting more. His power and vigour was tantalizing. My body was pulsating with anticipation.

Soon his hands were unbuttoning my jeans, forcing them down over my hips and pushing my panties to the side. Seconds was all it took for his deft fingers to be drenched in my wetness. I squealed. He laid me down on my back on the high bed and pulled off my pants. One hand on my stomach while he pushed his other deeper inside.
Watching me.
Feeding his desire.
His power over me.
I closed my eyes and tried not to cum so quickly. I tried to remember it all.
For just one night I wanted time to stand still.
I was being teased in the most ruthless of ways. I’d reach my edge and then he’d retract, knowing exactly what he was doing, a coy smirk on his chiseled face, leaving me desperate for more.
“DON’T STOP” I playfully yet aggressively demanded.
His force and intensity was reaching an explosion inside my cunt. I sharply and rapidly reached for his solid arm holding me down. Clawing and clutching it. I was howling reaching my peak. Clenching and releasing during my descent. A wave of vibration from my toes to my tits. My inner thighs now damp and warm.

He flipped me over.
My hips snug perfectly into his
My ass was high and my legs wide.
Filling me
Slipping in and slowly out.
Gasping and moaning into the pillows.
Suffocating in ecstasy.
The entire weight of him was bearing down on my body.
Confining me, devouring me, consuming me.
It was so fucking good I didn't want it to end.
He started thrusting faster. Deep. Fast. Faster and harder. His left hand held my hip while the other was now firmly placed on the lowest point of my back. He held me in place, sturdy and secure while he pushed his cock deeper inside.
His erection now throbbing and exploding inside of me.
He slowed his pace until he drained what was left of himself.

We collapsed on the bed. My head on his arm, my body draped over his. High on each other. The sweet scent of cum and arousing sweat filled the air. There was a stillness. Relaxed, safe and comforted by one another. Past lovers, so connected and yet so detached. He’s not mine anymore but I'm still a little bit his.

A sweet and perfect secret that lasted just one night.


About the author:

Morgan Woodfine is a sexual and reproductive health doula, an educator, an erotic author and yoga teacher. Morgan began her work in Vancouver, BC and then brought her practice to the south shore of Montreal in 2018. Where she went on to build a mindful community space for women to deepen their connection to self and community. As a committed mother, passionate partner and lover of all-things sex and sensuality, female pleasure ranks high on her list of priorities.

Pre-Covid-19 her work focused mainly on in person gatherings discussing menstrual wellness, female sexual pleasure, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum support. With the intense weight of the world's events in 2020, Morgan along with so many others feels a deep craving for human connection, intimacy and relationships. The warmth, support and generosity of space of another being is by far the most valuable gift we can give. The need to be safely braced by one another in our truest versions of ourselves is integral in our journey to wellness. Through education and commitment she hopes to encourage women to shift their focus onto the emotional, physical and spiritual versions of ourselves to uncover what lights up our warmest and wettest parts.

instagram: @morganwoodfine



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