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Article: Better sex life is possible for all!

Better sex life is possible for all!

Better sex life is possible for all!

We spend so much time and money improving our health, diet, and physical and mental health but somehow live with this idea that our sex life should be amazing on its own. And if it is not, we think we must be broken.
But great sex, like everything else, can be learned. It takes practice, patience, attention, presence, childlike curiosity, and willingness to learn about our and our partners' bodies! It also requires open and honest communication, understanding, and accepting that sexuality and desire are never constant but ever-changing.  

Below you can read about some of the things that transformed the sex lives of our followers.





"The relationship with my ex-partner. Had quite some bad experiences (sexual and non-sexual) and it took me more than a year to learn to love myself again for the person that I am. For years, I doubted myself, my personality traits, my body and my qualities. I’m so happy that I found my self-respect and self-love back. And I’m so happy that I have a partner to explore and celebrate this with. For example, I thought I couldn’t get wet with another person. Now I realise it had to do with the person(s) I was with." 

"Toys. They have allowed me to play with myself more and discover new things I like."

"Meeting and loving and respecting myself. Freeing myself from any expectation and just exploring what I myself truly wanted. Forgiving myself for any shame for wanting what I wanted. Meeting someone that I was actually sexual and emotional compatible with, it showed me what Sex can be and that my fantasies don’t have to stay fantasies."

"Your page, not using vibrating toys on a regular basis, onna toys, a partner that listens and takes his time learning me (this is everything)."

"The Onna Instagram page. I have learned a lot. And it’s made me stay curious. So good.

Finally buying a toy - I found vaginal orgasms that way.
Good lube."

"Instagram pages like yours and others, learning and reading different perspectives. Also becoming open to anal pleasure, game changer!"

"My ex boyfriend changed my whole view, made me realise what sex should be and that it’s not just physical."

"Getting into tantra, breathwork, being more in my feminine energy… Also connecting to my own self-pleasure, which is something I had never done as I started very young a long-term relationship (9 years) and had my first sexual experiences with someone else." 

" A lot of reading stuff online, helped me to understand that there is nothing wrong with some things I like and that there is more to explore. I just have to work with myself at a mental level. Also, I am a bit scared and unsure about whether I like girls too..and scared to try it. So I hope to find something to put my mind at ease (a person or an experience/ conversation) because it's a lot of guilt there."  

"Understanding my body better. getting older. Changing the way I think about what they think. being able to relax and just enjoy the ride. that its ok to have sex with people even when you arent in a relationship. getting more confident within myself to ask for what I want and need. finding someone that i can literally tell anything to and talk to about, wether it be a friend or a sexual partner and feel safe to get their opinion and have no judgement."

"My partner helped me realize how much I had been missing in regards to discovering my own pleasure. Yoni mapping and processing past trauma had made such a difference in my sexual experiences. Learning what I like and then sharing this and asking for what I desire."

"Learning about my own body and being able to pleasure myself and give myself orgasms."

"I was the first person that made myself orgasm even tho I had sex in my relationships before that but I never reached orgasm during them. Starting to care about my desires and what I want from sex. And then being lucky enough to find a partner that we mutually care about each other on every aspect and happen to have very similar desires and ways of loving and being so enthusiastic about discovering and pleasuring each other."

"From a negative perspective: experiencing sexual abuse as a child.. BUT from a positive perspective: meeting my partner, educating myself (your page and all the information you share made a huge impact and I am so grateful for your work!), getting an allure curve from you <3, therapy. Also practices that help me connect with my body more: yoga, physical therapy etc. Last spring I started to dance more often, just by myself, with music or without, sometimes imagining different settings: I'm in the festival, I'm dancing to my partner, I'm dancing to an attractive man that I don't know, I'm dancing with other people around etc. And of course most of the time I am dancing just here and now in my body. When I started to do this I noticed that my body became more receptive to pleasure and I started to experience higher mindfulness in my sex life."

"I think there is one simple answer for me with men, it was love. In terms of self pleasure it was probably self love and applying what I learnt with men to my self pleasure, plus of course your posts too."

"Meeting my husband, really, he was a game changer for my perspective of lovemaking, pleasure, giving and receiving. Things I always felt how should work when you are intimate with someone deeply. Also a lot of reading and self-work/discovery, including your page and content."

"One person in particular. I saw what sex could be like and don’t want anything less. This came together in time with discovering your toys and newsletter. I don’t want sex to be like fast-food consumption, I want to celebrate every moment."

"Trust being lost by my ex husband, stress and some life stuff resulting in lots of libido issues, realizing so much of my low confidence and self worth issues and now mending and healing myself a bit and realizing self pleasure is okay and now kind of getting back to maybe seeing potential of a sex life."

"Educating myself. Understanding my pleasure and the pleasure of others.  Sex isn’t just about penetration.  The more I learn, the more I can help my partner, the better the intimacy becomes."

 "A loving & caring partner that makes me feel beautiful & safe."

"Communication! Talking about it. Talking about what I need, what I like, what I don’t like, learning what he likes and so on. Also really getting to know my own body through self-pleasure, meditation and listening to it. Our body whispers to us all day long. We just have to listen. I think really getting to know myself changed my not only my sex life but my whole life."

"My first orgasm while penetration. I never thought I could experience that connection. Definitely first dominant/submissive experience. Realised that I found something that I was missing and that deeply turns me on." 

"Getting to know myself, making the „right“ choices partner wise, communication; keeping an open mind; reflecting on past experiences; getting an onna toy."

"Talking about it with my partner and trying new things, step by step. Building trust so I feel more comfortable to say what I want. Looking things up, trying new toys."

"Getting out of a crazy emotionally abusive marriage. Learning that I can ask for what I want without the other person yelling or getting mad."

"Learning from your guides and IG posts. Understanding my body, what brings me pleasure, and sharing that with my partner transformed our intimacy."

"Your content and your IG Q&A stories and open conversations made me realize that understanding my desires and needs is not only okay but essential for a fulfilling sex life. And nonvibrating toys? They've become a staple in our bedroom, bringing a totally different kind of pleasure."





"I had never experienced a G-spot orgasm until I tried your Raven Pearl. Vibrating toys just distract me and I can't feel much when using them. The Raven did its job in no time. The smoothness, the weight,  and the hardness feel so real and delicious and the size is just perfect for me. It is definitely my favorite toy now. The release I get from this wand is an experience like no other."

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