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Article: Onna Pleasure Travel: Bali Top 15 Guide

Onna Pleasure Travel: Bali Top 15 Guide ONNA

Onna Pleasure Travel: Bali Top 15 Guide

Dear Pleasure Wanderlusters,

Bali Island is a paradise for sensuality and pleasure. I have been living in Bali for almost a decade and know the best spots off the beaten path. There are 100’s of cool places and pleasures to experience yet the following 15 are just that special. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They all hold a special meaning in my heart.


1. Quince Cafe & Concept Store

Location: Canggu


Breakfast and lunch do not get more pleasurable and artisanal than Quince. That is the reason why this place is NUMBER 1 on the Bali Pleasure guide! Everything in this cafe, from the food art on your plate to ceramics and textiles in their concept store breathes style and aesthetic. Make sure to order their coconut frappuccino, asparagus & cauliflower tacos, overnight oats and spinach quinoa patties with eggs. Their specially branded ceramic coffee cups are the perfect gift to take home.


2. Melali Bingin

Location: Uluwatu


Melali is a boutique B&B, in the south of Bali, close to the famous Bingin beach. Housing only three rooms, this place is the sweetest weekend getaway. Most importantly, when you are at Melali, you just do not want to leave. The space is created in such a way that, along with a private room, you also get to share a stunning living room, dining area, cozy TV room and pool. There is something so sweet in sharing breakfast with other guests every morning or chatting with the owners for insider’s travel tips. Everything from the flowers in your bedroom to the breakfast prepared with love, this place is pure pleasure.


3. NungNung Waterfall

Location: heart of the island

Googlemap: Nungnung Waterfall


Bali is full of stunning waterfalls, yet the NungNung waterfall will leave you breathless. Only an hour drive from Ubud, you get to trek down the valley through the jungle to get to the place. Grab your bikinis as you can swim in the water and climb behind the water wall to feel as if you are in the Avatar movie. This waterfall will charge you up for days! Grab a thermos with coffee & some fruits with you. You’d want to hang there all day.


4. Mason Restaurant

Location: Canggu


Mason restaurant is a new hotspot in Canggu. Their organic grilled chicken & slow-roasted lamb shoulder are orgasmic. Paired together with cocktails and platters of locally-sourced veggie sides, Mason is a feast for the eyes and belly taking the concept of slow food and minimalism to a new level. Be prepared to eat here many times during your vacation and save space for dessert each time!


5. Bambu Indah Hotel

Location: Ubud


Bambu Indah is one of Ubud’s secret fairytale experiences. The perfect balance between luxury and nature, this boutique hotel is pleasure for the eyes. Travellers are welcome to stop by for a day of swimming in their natural spring pools, lunch prepared from the hotel’s organic garden and relax in the bamboo woven swings. This place is a sanctuary for the heart and every woman’s photoshoot location dream.


6. Gooseberry Lingerie

Location: Seminyak


Lots of bikini and lingerie brands are designed in Bali. Gooseberry Intimates are by far the most chic and daring. They have modern designs, tons of lace and even some bondage-sque edgy pieces. Perfect gift for the self to take back home. Take your lady or your girlfriends there for a shopping spree. You will not be disappointed!


7. Melasti Beach

Location: Uluwatu

Googlemap: Melasti Beach

Bali is best known for its beautiful beaches off the tourist beaten path. Melasti beach is one of those beaches where the sand is fluffy and the water is gloriously blue. Arrive early to grab the sun-chairs & umbrella. You’ll need those as you’ll want to stay there all day.


8. Smoothie Shop Cafe & Saffron Restaurant

Location: Uluwatu


Located next to each other, Smoothie Shop cafe and Saffron restaurant are part of the Mandala Village lifestyle resort. Both places serve healthy and insanely delicious food. Smoothie Shop is famous for their specialty coffee, home-baked bread, avocado toast & millet porridge. Saffron is a pleasure dinner experience with lobster ravioli, duck breast in orange sauce and vegan jackfruit stroganoff. Both places ooze cuteness, cozyness and comfort. Mandala Village also has gorgeous New York style lofts so make sure to book a room & bring your camera for a photoshoot!


9. The Slow

Location: Canggu


The Slow is a place for the true connoisseur of life. It is a boutique hotel, art gallery, event space, restaurant & bar. Every single detail in this place is oozing lifestyle. Splurge for a few nights at one of their hotel suites or book a romantic dinner for two. Their Chef draws upon his travels through Europe, South America and Asia to create an ever-changing menu of revamped classics, injecting exoticism and bold new flavours, with an emphasis on seasonality, sustainability and sane eating.


10. Personal Retreats

Location: Ubud


Personal retreats are a new craze and there is a reason for that. Can you imagine a 1-2 week holiday personally catered to your needs and a group of people nurturing you the entire time? Six Element Private Retreats, 6ER, are run by Lesya - a creative chef, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle consultant. Prior to your arrival to Bali, Lesya and her team will organise an entire week/s worth of activities, diet & accommodation specially catered to your needs and requests. They will take you off the tourist path to the best yoga/sport classes, hidden town gems, tastiest cafes, hippest shops, quality spas, holistic wellness treatments, day trips and activities. Whether you crave to simply relax on your own, detox or get into shape, this is an opportunity to pamper yourself!


11. Madpops Vegan Ice Cream

Location: Canggu & Seminyak


Madpops were the first artisan ice-cream company to blow everyone’s mind on the island with their epic flavours. Nowadays they are the proud owners of two cute ice-cream shops which all the Instagram influencers are flocking too. Their double chocolate brownie ice cream on a stick and cookies & cream flavours are just divine! Did I mention that they are vegan? If you’ve never had a coconut milk ice cream, then you haven’t lived!


12. Cove Island Store

Location: Canggu


If you could visit one clothing and lifestyle store in Bali, visit Cove! I promise you, you’d want to leave it with a new pair of woven flip flops, a linen dress, ceramic coffee cups, adorable overalls & a beach bag. Every piece in Cove breathes elegant minimalism and style.


13. Peloton SuperShop

Location: Canggu


Peloton is one of the most instagrammable places in Bali, serving major eye-candy as food. By far, the most badass vegan hotspot out of all the veggie-friendly places on the island. Their lasagna, jackfruit tacos and chocolate shake with coconut whipped cream are out of this world!


14. Titi Batu

Location: Ubud


Titi Batu is a new kid on the block in Ubud. It is a sports & wellness center, co-working space, yummy cafe, spa & family club. Grab your work out clothes, bikini and your laptop. You’ll want to spend all day there moving among the gym, 3 big pools, iced coffee on their comfy couches and fantastic food menu.


15. Crossfit Wanderlust Bali

Location: Canggu


If you stay long enough on the island, you’ll notice how easy it is to spend days without properly moving the body. Life happens on scooters, behind a laptop and in cafes. Whether you are a crossfit fan or not, visit this place just to be awed at its grandiosity and the human ability for bodily epicness - truly a place of fitness inspiration and motivation! I have a feeling you’ll be hooked after the first workout.



Seniman Coffee

Location: Ubud


Seniman were one of the originators of the specialty coffee scene in Bali. Along with their delicious coffee, try their Nitro Chocolate - a fluffy chocolate goodness drink poured over an ice sphere. Did I mention that they recently opened a cocktail bar next door? PS. Their creme brulee is best in Ubud!


About the Author:

Elena is the co-founder of Onna Lifestyle and creator of the famous sexuality blog The Yoni Empire. She is a slow sex educator and writer, lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about female sexuality and eroticism, supporting women with overcoming sexual triggers, insecurities and trauma. She is on a mission to nourish women, one orgasm at a time - connecting heart, body and mind. Follow her at @the_yoni_empire & @onna_lifestyle.

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