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ONNA MOON POINT yoni massage wand

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The main purpose of our POINT massage wand is to release trigger points & deep tissue tension throughout the body. Releasing muscle tension and opening up the body is one of the major components of becoming more orgasmic. Weekly deep massage, whether solo or with a partner, is a self-care practice of bodily pleasure expansion.

POINTS are great for trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, body de-armouring, remedial & sports massage as well as erotic partner massage. They are the perfect tool for applying deep pressure to the body without straining yourself. Work the POINT into tired and tense muscles with minimum effort for maximum effect!

Gemstone POINTS are the perfect massage tool. Their earthy nature provides connection to the partner that is receiving a massage. The stone’s natural heat retaining property aids in the relief of tension in sore muscles. Additional sensations can be introduced by warming or cooling the POINT to a desired temperature in water. 

  • Specially crafted for full body massage & muscle tension release. Glide the toy across sore muscles or press the end of the toy into acupressure points all over the body
  • Great toy to practice pleasurable penetration for women with mild yoni pain/tension, postpartum, post surgery or those fearing the pain from penetration.
  • The toy is skinny and effortlessly glides in and out without creating friction or irritation to the skin.
  • You can gently slide the toy inside the yoni and leave it there while stimulating the clitoris on the outside. Allow the vaginal muscles to relax around the toy and retrain the body’s negative reaction to penetration.
  • Fantastic toy to explore anal sex with regardless of gender
  • Can use both ends of the toy
  • Use either for solo or partner play

SIZE: length17cm, width 3 cm wide end, 1.5cm thin end

White Marble


Onna Lifestyle gemstone pleasure toys are CERTIFIED by an EU Gemmology Institute for being 100% authentic.

All toys are designed & tested in Europe.

Each Onna Lifestyle toy is artfully carved from ONE solid block of real gemstone. Our toys are free from toxic glue, artificial colouring & wax.

We work exclusively with most durable stones which are body-safe and with factories who hold humane work practices.

Our prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity.

You are Special: each stone is unique and there isn’t another like yours. All stones vary in patterns, hues and colours.

Did you know that gemstones are natural conductors of heat? Unlike common plastic and silicone sex toys, gemstone toys adapt and retain body temperature for over an hour. Toys can be used either warm or cold for temperature play. Keep them in the fridge (never freezer!) for a cooler calming effect or place under hot water for 30 seconds to warm up.

Gemstone toys can be used with any type of lubricant. We advise to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and/or to use a condom.


Customer Reviews

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sweet simplicity 🤍

I love the Moon Point for how sweet and simple it is! I enjoy the smooth milky surface of it, and that thin pointy end is so handy in the internal self-massage! I'm new to slow self pleasuring, and this wand helped me to to establish a regular massaging practice which I truly enjoy 🤍 Also, the penetration became more pleasurable and I'm able to notice more sensations 🤍 Thank you 🙏🌸

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