ONNA GUASHA QUATRO: face - neck - breasts - full body


Self-care can be as easy as watching a movie & massaging yourself with ONNA GUASHA QUATRO!

A woman who is in a relaxed body is in a flow state of confidence & pleasure. A relaxed body promotes a relaxed mind and an orgasmic state of being.

This special ONNA GUASHA QUATRO set of white jade marble GUASHA is specially designed to target the full body - face, neck, breasts & thighs for self-massage, muscle tension release & movement of lymph system for a healthy skin glow and full body relaxation and pleasure.

We suggest a 20-30 minute Guasha self-massage beauty routine in the evenings. Gift yourself a yummy massage or massage your partner. You will wake up with a puff-free, dewy face that feels relaxed as well as a well-rested body.

Use GUASHA QUATRO as a weekly massage routine by scraping the body along an oily skin to increase blood flow in the upper and deeper layers of skin, fat & muscles.

Make sure to lubricate your body with oil before scraping/massaging the skin for an effortless glide.

Check our Instagram highlights for videos on how we like to use the GUASHA or read our blog for more pleasure GUASHA ideas!

Benefits of GUASHA self-massage:

Smooth & glowing skin
Removal of morning face puffy-ness & swelling
Decrease of cellulite skin dimples
Release of tension in the muscles
Pleasurable self-massage for relaxation & good sleep
Speed up post-workout muscle recovery
Reduced toxic build up in pores
Relieve anxiety, nervousness & fatigue
Relaxed face muscles - looking more awake
Reduction of wrinkles & black under eyes
Headache & migraine relief
Relieve neck & back pain
Relieve tension from chest & breasts
Connecting to the body more
Promotes restorative sleep
Improved blood & oxygen circulation

Please note: GUASHA is a beauty product hand-crafted from a 100% natural marble gemstone. Each gemstone varies in minor colour & shape. This does not affect the quality of the product. Each massage tool is unique, just like you.


Comes complete with a soft pouch and care instructions manual.

Disclaimer: Guasha is a safe natural healing remedy. One should not use Guasha over broken skin, moles/beauty marks, skin cuts, severe acne or skin infections. Individual results vary depending on age, skin type, current health & lifestyle. At no point should treatment feel unbearably painful. If bruises appear, simply lessen the pressure when massaging for a gentler approach. Use with caution and observe your skin’s reaction to the Guasha massage. If in doubt, please email onna.lifestyle@gmail.com or speak with your GP.

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