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Yoni massage wand


Our most sophisticated toy, CURVE yoni massage wand is created specially for intimate massage and self-pleasure. CURVE’s non-phallic design is intentional, nurturing an intimate feminine relationship with your body. Sweet, delicate and smooth, Curve is the the ideal toy for anyone who wishes to surrender and open up her body to  deep internal pleasure.

The thinner end of the Curve pleasure wand is crafted for internal massage to relieve muscle tension and emotional blockages. The thicker end of the toy is perfect for G-spot exploration. It’s sexy silhouette allows for easy handling and versatile play. CURVE is created with intention of healing and opening up to pleasure. Used as a weekly practice, CURVE is the best pleasure wand for a toned and healthy vagina.

  • Great toy for beginners looking to explore, massage & awaken the G-Spot. It is specially curved for easier stimulation of the G-spot.
  • Specially designed wand for women who experience mild yoni muscle tension. Use it for yoni /pelvic floor self-massage and yoni mapping.
  • CURVE effortlessly glides in & out due to its polished finish without creating friction or irritation to the skin.
  • We store unresolved emotions, traumas & stress in our muscles. A committed weekly self-massage practice is essential for relieving tension & emotional blockages from the yoni. Gift yourself 30 minute massage using any of our yoni friendly lubricants. Allow it to guide you to the tense pressure points and stagnant muscles.
  • CURVE will help you practice internal vaginal orgasms by awakening the inside of the vagina during self-massage. Insert CURVE inside the vagina and swipe from left to right in slow massage-like movements around the G-spot; tap the toy’s end on the G-spot either gently or in a rocking-like-motion back & forth, glide the toy in and out of the vagina, glide & twirl at the same time in and out.
  • Can use both ends of the toy
  • Perfect toy for the male anal pleasure as it is curved to press into the prostate!
  • Use either for solo or partner play
  • Medical grade borosilicate glass
  • Hypoallergenic, non-porous
  • Can be used with any kind of lubricant

Disclaimer: If you experience pain during penetration, we strongly suggest that before investing in a toy, you see a gynaecologist and a pelvic floor specialist who can properly diagnose you. Sometimes the pain in the vagina is not just from tensed muscles. You could have a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, UTI or dealing with pain due to PTSD. Self-diagnosing and self-healing can be dangerous. The first steps of healing are always a proper medical diagnosis.

MATERIAL: Borosilicate glass

SIZE: length17cm, width 3.2 cm wide end, 1.8 cm thin end

This product is handmade in the Czech Republic.
All ONNA toys are designed & tested in Europe.

Our prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity.

You are Special: each PIECE is unique, and there isn’t another like yours. All our products are handmade and may vary in patterns, hues, and colours.

Glass toys can be used with any type of lubricant. We advise you to thoroughly clean and dry the toys before and after use and to use a condom.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
helped me connect with myself

I had been subscribed to pleasure Monday newsletter for a year before I finally decided to get the curve. So when I bought the curve I was equipped with all the knowledge shared on your instagram and in your emails. I started with yoni mapping and it was quite confronting, yet powerful as I never explored or touched the inside. Over some time, I learned to be patient with myself and with my body. Using the curve has really helped me connect with my intimate parts and discover the yummy sensations that live there. I now use it to self pleasure regularly just to feel those deep orgasms that have my insides pulsate with pleasure.

from soothing to orgasmic

I bought the allure curve as I was curious about yoni mapping and yoni massage. The last few years have been very stressful for me and the stress killed my libido and sex life. It also showed in my body, I started experiencing tension in my pussy too and I was looking for ways to heal. I started using the curve for gentle massage and initially it provided very soothing and almost calming experience. I wasn't looking for pleasure or orgasms at that point. But after a few weeks of massaging myself it became pleasurable. All of the sudden it wasn't just soothing but the sensitivity sharpened and I started surrendering into the pleasurable sensations. I have been having internal orgasms and can't believe I did not know that kind of experience existed before. The curve really helped me open up my pussy to pleasure and is my best lover.


First of all, I want to say I am so grateful for your toys and all the free information you offer. Your newsletter is the only newsletter I look forward to and read. I have 3 Onna toys now and all have played an important part on my journey of healing my sexuality and becoming more open to pleasure. Allure Curve was my first. It was recommended by my pelvic floor therapist for vaginal massage and releasing tension. The third time I used it, I experienced an overwhelming emotional release that made me realise how much tension and unhealed emotions I stored in my pussy. The curve is such an intuitive toy. The shape and the curve are perfect, as is the pointed end, that allows for targeted massage and acupressure. It has been a real game changer for me as it helped me really tap into the more subtle sensations and pleasure from internal stimulation.

Deliciously versatile

I originally bought the curve as I was curious about yoni mapping and wanted to have the right tool to use. I followed the steps in your Yoni mapping guide and while I didn’t discover a lot of tension, the experience was incredibly soothing and pleasurable. I fell in love with the cooling feel of the curve and have been using it for self pleasure regularly. I even started experiencing squirting with this toy which I didn’t expect at all. I’ve also started exploring anal pleasure with the thin end of the curve. Definitely new sensations and a different level of pleasure for me. Thank you for such a versatile and beautifully designed toy. I have it next to my bed and and it looks like a nice ornament rather than a sex toy.

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